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Hay Day Update Sneak Peek 2 – Neighborhood Trading

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  1. what will the 2 machine be?

  2. ricky 20,000 subs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Yes

  4. what is the name of your neibourhood

  5. congrats for 20000 subs Ricky!

  6. Very cool!

  7. que qui eu to fazendo aqui.


  9. Knight

  10. Hi red night

  11. You never gave a shoutout to omarbuenrostro can you do it in next sneak peek

  12. trading yesssssss

  13. when will happends?

  14. هذا التحديث الجديد

  15. yes

  16. I like how'Hay Day Team' listen to their audience….. plus waiting for the update……

  17. Hay Day Live – Update Exclusives tonight on Kamcord. 30mins to go.

  18. Sneak Peek #2: Neighborhood Trading!
    Tap on your new neighborhood birdhouse to request crops and products without worrying about anyone "snatching" them away!

    Help out your neighborhood friends with their requests, earn XP and gain access to exclusive neighborhood titles to show off (refreshed on a weekly basis).

    Unlock awesome visual improvements to your neighbourhood area by completing new
    Neighborhood Trading achievements.

    The trading is only within your own NH.

    Also, there are limitations – you can only request x-amount of items / 8 hours and 20 donations / 24h.

  19. can't wait for the next update

  20. ricky i wish that in hay day we need more product giving animals. eg . duck for eggs or etc

  21. especially hay day

  22. Nice idea :)

  23. ricky please help me im a new youtuber , i wanna make videos on games.