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HE PUNCHED ME IN THE FACE AGAIN | Clash of Clans with Cam

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  1. lol

  2. #JeffSucksAtAttacking

  3. Who heard the ending sound lol

  4. sub me i will suscribe with 5 acc

  5. Lol fake punsh

  6. its so funny it like watching cavemen with fire

  7. Who else stayed till the VERY end and heard that punch?

  8. good to see u…u can play Clash Royale

  9. I love your minecraft videos but i would also Enjoy these lol

  10. haha Jeff ur bro I awesome he punched u guess what punch him back and and this new for u #jeffsucksatattacking

  11. CQOTD: Jeff can I join BarbarianParty I'm a Th11 And I want to be featured in a video

  12. Cam

  13. Can we join your clan?

  14. Can is being so mean

  15. Please make more clash of clans videos.Only make clahs royale videos of high level lol.

  16. Oh and btw it doesn't look ov when you do normal when you do it at 0.25 then it looks fake

  17. Ok is it me or is that fake? It looks fake to me e.e

  18. Make more coc videos


  20. #JeffreySucksAtAttacking

  21. Haist spells need a buff

  22. More CoC!

  23. My name is jeff.

  24. i attack better than and I'm th8 but I can't star cam because I'm th8….but u been out of the game for 2 yrs so good job

  25. who is the guy in the black I definitely don't know who he is