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Healer + Eagle Artillery NERF & More | Balance Update August 2016 | Clash of Clans

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  1. I love you bro) good luck!)

  2. R.i.p. healers???? more like R.I.P. the last great farming techniques with the queen walk…. I've been a highly active player for 3 years now and this might be the update that makes me quit clash

  3. #makewitchesgreatagain

  4. I want witches back…

  5. #restinpeacehealer

  6. FIX THE BOWLER!!!!!!!!! Not the Healer!!!!!!!!!!

  7. All they wouldve had to do was increase the range of the Air Defenses and it would help solve the issue. Nerfing Healers is a MISTAKE!!!


  9. add healers to the list of useless troops and spells… so us lower th levels once again pay the price for th10 & 11 spam attacks…

  10. Don't use healers anyway

  11. when exactly is this balance update implemented ? It's August 24 here and every video says… if you watch this it's probably already in the game… I don't think they do this update totally silent without a news highlight within the game…

  12. I think the healer nerf may be a good thing, it would make people change up the way they do a queen walk. Those of you that think it "kills" the queen walk are just being lazy.

  13. finally got aq to 20 level and aq walk is gone

  14. My frustration is that my clan was totally burned out on valks and people were quitting the game out of boredom. I introduced HGHB and HPHB to the clan and people got EXCITED about playing again. People were having fun. I literally got people who had quit to start playing again with the TH9 bowler attacks. And now this. Basically they are ruining the game and they are going to cause people to quit by nerfing healers. It's that bad. I am not exaggerating. It will kill interest in the game for our clan at a time when people were on the verge of quitting.


  16. Rip healers #DicksOutForHealers

  17. #RIPhealer
    I hate coc now. Wtf they are doing to the game??

  18. Nerfing healers is a bad idea. They are a great troop. Buffing and then nerfing the same troop is ridiculous. HGHB is an awesome attack. Queen walks are very cool. Please save the healers.

  19. #Rest in peace healer

  20. #rip healer…and all my strategies '(

  21. I hear you guys about the healers I don't like them either so have been talking to them about with other youtubers so we'll see what happens…

  22. #riphealers

  23. #RIP_Healer ;_;

  24. #MakeHealersGreatAgain

  25. #RestInPeaceHealer

  26. supercell has the dumbest dev team in the world, they have now sealed coc fate with this balance update, the game was already on a huge decline. i really do not understand this company at all, thanks for the bad news wicked, jk, thanks man ?

  27. #riphealers

  28. #make healers heal air troops also

  29. I was thinking the healers should trigger only the air bombs and not the air mines. And make the air bombs do more dmg to healers so that double air bombs would take them down. Kinda like with hogs and double giant bombs. Idk something along that line #RIPHealers

  30. I am done with COC now………1st they nerfed QW and now they killed it……..

  31. #Makehealersgreatagain

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  33. healers rest in peace

  34. I urge everyone to take to the forum and let them know that the majority do not support the healer nerf, just the vocal minority. This encourages mass attacks instead of the multiphase attacks that stem from the Queenwalk, which is hypocritical of what Supercell claims to want.

  35. supercell brains are nerffed they new buff

  36. #riphealers unlike most I am very happy about the healer nerf. I understand it does take some strategy to do a queen walk yet me and my clan mates have been using them with great success in our farming armies. Also in the advanced war clans the queen walks have been used in just about every attack.

  37. #RIPhealers

  38. rip healers

  39. Off subject, can we have rubys in the game where rubys will speed up builder time by 1 hr a ruby and have packages like gems and rubys to buy????? Pass that to supercell please???

  40. #RestInPeaceHealer

  41. #makehealersgreatagain