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Healer Talk | Post Balance Update Content | Clash of Clans

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  1. thanks for the vids jo love them man :)

  2. Can not wait to see the th9 tournament

  3. Two ways they could have dealt with healer. 1st off as the troops walk delay the time it takes healers to cath up with them. 2nd neurf how much healer they heal the troops. With this and the cannons boasted it may have worked better than air mines

  4. I cried too Jo. Join me in the corner.

  5. queen charge has been doing fine for me so far post update. we will see as bases adjust.

  6. did someone know how translate clan chat plz help!

  7. Im in. Where is the beer

  8. well done jo

  9. QW/Charge, IMHO still have chance. I suggesting my friends bring 5, have some tanker for her, with the cannon buffed – can use giant as tandem. I myself still not use it, since AQ still ug'd. But I use Valkyrie Tornado for raiding DE.

  10. healer isn't worth the camp space now seeking air mine is one tile but has 6 tile radius (op) doesn't matter how good you are no way to predict where they are which means first hit 3* with healers is just luck

  11. Lett goo