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HGHB & AQ WALK TH9 Attack Strategy after Healer Nerf Update | Clash of Clans

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  2. Awesome! Love this video!!!!!!!

  3. sup!!!been super busy with work man!! how bout u

  4. i like your music. keep up the good work!

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  10. Hey there Wicked! Tonight I'll search a new clan, I have your clan in my bookmarks. My name is Sanchez and I am a town hall 9, I really hope you accept me! Greetings, me. I hope you remember me from my last comment :)!

  11. beacuse you are th10

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  14. i'm your new subscriber,waiting for your new th10 farm and war base..nice content of your previous vids?

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  16. I need town hall 9 best strategy

  17. I think the jury is still out on healer nerf. I am waiting to see how base design adapts over the next weeks and months.

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  20. can I give u my opponent war base and tell can I destroy him by HBHG Please answer me

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