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Hitchhiker Episode #46 6 Schlitzes

I check out one of my patron’s clans and glad I did. 6 Schlitzes is a legit war clan with a laid back, fun attitude. Check them out if you guys are looking for a great …


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  1. nice attacks

  2. Why is the gap in between poison spells necessary???

  3. Nice video.

  4. I love this clan…I've been in a scrim with them…Shout to their YouTube channel 6 Schlitzes…..Go hamp!

  5. all these the attacks are making me sick the is dead and so fucking easy i wish we could see some more th10 attacks

  6. After this video ended, the next video that came on automatically was a knitting podcast wtf.

  7. Jake, I've told me friends about your channel and about the war community, now they use 3 star attack strategies.

  8. Nice attacks shown as ever!

  9. How do I get in contact with jake to invite him to my clan?

  10. Looks like a good clan.

  11. Loved the gohos and govalo, thanks

  12. hey Jake! :)) Nice Vid! We are from ,,Blutspur" the first German lvl10 Clan! If you like you can join us for a clan war and you can fight a war with us! We also have a YouTube Channel you can watch a Video, we make Top 5 CW Attacks with different tactics 3* Tactics ,,Hyperchild" is the channel-name! Good bye!♥

  13. Seems like a nice war clan. I enjoyed this one Jake!

  14. Great looking clan! you guys did awesome!

  15. haha swagilicious. that made my day. great video. got this clan bookmarked

  16. nice vid jake

  17. So many great clans out there, just don't get spotlight until this series.?woooo

  18. Coffee and clash question: if we plan on bringing witches on an attack as a th9, is it better to bring a max golem in the cc and lvl 2 witches, or our own lvl 4 golem and max witches in the cc?

  19. Hey jake, i was in an arranged war today with a clan called Divinity and they were planning a lot of 'valk walks'. It would be great if you could post a 'how to' on it as im sure it would make great content and it would be very helpful :)

  20. Is this sort of like patreon?