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Hitchhiker Episode #47 Dragon Rejects

Some really nice attacks from an awesome war clan. Hope you guys enjoy and if you are looking for a new clan check them out. Check out my Patreon page and …


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  1. Yep, I whiffed with that poison. Thanks for visiting and for the video, Jake!

  2. swagged 7 hogs, a heal and cc on a poorly designed anti 3 at th8v8 like a week ago and still had plenty left for cleanup though :p

  3. Selling max th9 (lvl 9 walls) $45 kik Tech

  4. On Evanz attack he dropped just one balloon in phase 3 on the bottom left cannon that was weakened from the cc lure. What a baller

  5. lol not John Conner vs mynamesnotrick

  6. Dude that GoVaLo was just uncalled for. Just overkill beyond reason. Absolutely loved it. Thanks for the video man. #JakeOneHive4President

  7. On the first attack he could have gotten the same with one jump only , or if you're spending 2 spells anyway might as well bring 4 quakes , nice attacks though keep up the good work dragon rejects

  8. Jake has people from over 2000 clans watching his channel and that assumes each clan is full

  9. lol the chat at 11:48 "jake from state farm is here?"

  10. 我们改装了地狱,他们和一个!(Chinese Modding Clan 2015)

  11. Please more earlyer th 9 fights
    sry for my english xD

  12. Jake, the "join us" link in the desc. is only for the OneHive 2.0 family, not OneHive.

  13. This game is still played?

  14. miss there videos, in fact I knew onehive through them. Hope channel will be active as used to be.

  15. what is GG?

  16. Nice attacks Dragon Rejects!

  17. Awesome th8 attack! Really like those with valks!

  18. Hey I'm early let me think of a Joke………Galadon

  19. 09:37 Queen still up?
    Jake, you are tired! ?

  20. Thanks for dropping by and recording this!

  21. my clan reddit angels kicked their ass during an arranged matchup

  22. 9:36 nope, queen died to double giant bomb :p

  23. Holy crap this is one of my clans sister clans in the RA. This is a nice surprise.