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Hitchhiker Episode #53 Salt Miners

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  1. C&C question:
    This is not a question, but rather a thought; In my opinion, the balance in this game is (newsflash) inconsistent. I just watched a CoC video, where the commentator is furious about the newly added strength to the valks. He showed maxed bases getting three starred left and right with mass valk attacks. Although i generally do not approve of spam attacks (only exception is when its strictly planned for a poorly designed base), I think its just fair when top trophy players use these "massive compartments- wide open" bases that are very poorly designed and to be frank, outdated. Talent is the one thing that should be promoted in any game (in my opinion) and the lack of talent in some of these bases deserve a lack of talent in successful attacks against them. Now, i do think all th's should be "three starable", but with talented attacks, tactically planned or carefully executed. This may pose to a problem for trophy pushers, since a two star, or even a one star gives you two/a third of trophies available, but in my opinion, a three star is so much more valuable and harder to achieve than any other result, and i therefore have a proposal for SC you may shed some light on for me: a failed attack will give you a negative trophy gain, however much is needed for the best possible balance, a one star will not change any trophy, a two star may give a small amount e.g. 20%, while a three star will give you the full pot. this will promote people to go for the three star attack strategies everywhere (not just war) and therefore promote talent, both in offence and defence.

    keep up the good work, love your vids. :)

  2. @OneHiveRaids hey jake could u possibly make a video featuring the best war base designs for th9 coz I'm constantly getting pummelled …. Thank you

  3. I wrote sc an angry messenge and they asked for a screen shot so I hope they r doing something about it. has this happened to any of yall???

  4. wow my clan just ran into our first modding clan and it makes me sick there dropping 1 troop on all of our th9z n up then ending battle

  5. 9:40 I swear sometimes I don' understand lightnings. I do 3 lightning zapquakes all the time with my TH8. with a max EQ in the CC and one of my own, I've taken out 2 level 6 ADs up to 3 tiles apart. Those ADs should definitely have gone down.

  6. 5:20 Grove got very little value there for that heal. I've been telling my clan mates for the past few months to drop the heal spell in favor of more hastes in the "max attack." Do you guys agree with that, or do you think the heal is worth bringing?

  7. What's it take to get into a hitch hiker video?

  8. Looks like every dislike on this video is from the enemy clan whining that it was a bad matchup, grow up guys, it happens to all of us

  9. jake come on over to the clan adult only USA adult clan level 9 war clan we'll accept you nearly level 10 700 xp away

  10. Morning VG question will you start a hero spotlight series

  11. 2Turnt Fatality speaking, with all due respect you guys know u had a big advantage TH-wise. And we are currently breaking in alot of new members. Would love to make this happen again in an even and arranged manner. Great War Salt Miners! ✌?️

  12. Jake I had more expectations from you… for few $ you sell your integrity… on 1st attack when 9.5 drops on a 9 how can you say is not a huge advantage? they had huge advantage th wise and you for few $ couldn't find the decency to point this out… like I said I expected more from you… they had 2 th11 v none from us… crazy how they even proud of this victory… on equal ground I doubt you would have won!

  13. Can you do a tutorial for govaho? My valks will be max in 2 days and I would really like to get this strategy down! It looks really powerful!

  14. Alex?

  15. Forgot the part where they had 2 max townhall 11s and two 9.5s. We only had two 9.5s and the rest th9s and 8s.

  16. Gorn roger!

  17. If anyone is interested in applying to Salt Miners (The Clan that was featured in this video), please visit our reddit page for more information.

  18. you have to pay the man to b n these videos Jake is a very busy man

  19. From Alphas here. Cmon Jake, at least mention the fact that their top 4 was 2 fully developed th11s and 2 9.5s vs our top 4 with 2 new th10s and 2 maxed th9s.

  20. man..that roberto guys is pretty good. Thanks for coming by Jake!

  21. Sadly you didn't point out the TH disadvantage.

  22. You should come to rock throwers we have 201 war wins and were level 9 we would love to have you

  23. Yeahhh, Salt Miners Member here. Thanks for coming over Jake!

  24. Is hitchhiker only for Patreon users?

  25. hey jake please come to NO NAME LEGEND my ingame name is weger. I most do queenwalk and we make golaloon, gohog, gomag, gowiwi and much more in cw.

  26. How can we apply to have our clan in hitchhiker?

  27. nice video jake

  28. wooooo warly