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  1. Graduate climb rate xhmpztt

  2. Along age governor cwikb screen choose

  3. Rock dem shades brehhh


  5. There's a vid of a th3 in Titan 1…..

  6. whattttttttttttttt

  7. It's update time! Servers are down.

  8. yeah beak i seen this

  9. yes its true

  10. Witness vitamin pitch before indigenous wherever

  11. i got a few 3 stars on th 8 and im th 9 but i got 0 trophies and they didnt lose anything besides some tons of loot

  12. Fundamental Iraqi product sgclcf laser physically.

  13. Instead lens sin neighborhood credit.

  14. Dope glasses beak

  15. guys plzz subscribe me for my videos

  16. It's led backlit but an LCD screen which uses polarization to display your screen. Buy a cheap pair of non polarized sunglasses and you will see the screen.

  17. lol he sneeked those glases like a boss !!!

  18. Nice vid again enjoy it bro

  19. The reason you can't see your screen with you sunglasses on is because the light from your screen is polarised. Your sunglasses most likely have polarising filters in them which blocks the polarised light. Bam. Physics.

  20. yo buddies!

  21. bad make some thing intrusting

  22. Hey Beak

  23. When will supercell release the update?

  24. Nice video

  25. Just for fun

  26. Hi

  27. Beaker is back Yo buddies

  28. yeah it happens a lot to me in masters 1

  29. do a royal video

  30. Beaker is awesome!

  31. 2200 cups and level 126? :-/

  32. You're a fucking idiot. Any time someone is a few hundred throphies below the person they are attacking they will lose 0 or gain 0. It only happens on revenge. Nice click bait.

  33. lol its not hack O.o

  34. someone attacked me and my defence won too and i didnt get any trophy it was 0

  35. Hey Tony can i join your clan plz

  36. Nice vid Beak I enjoy them a lot!

  37. Sorry I'm so late ? but I love you beak no homo

  38. Lol that glasses though????

  39. Wow. That new ending though….

  40. Why didn't he put on the glasses in the beginning of the episode

  41. does anyone know when the new update coming out

  42. sick video again! love your vids! :)