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How Many More Episodes to Max TownHall 11? – Let’s Clash #155 (Day 290-291)

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  1. Brandon, why don't you upgrade your barbarians and archers to level 7? You always have the loot and it will make a massive difference to your farming

  2. Hi Brandon, why do you save your loot up then upgrade won't you lose loot if you're raided?

  3. yay I'm early to the party

  4. Hey brandon, will you do a Top 5 or 10 loot to show to people that loot is evry where ? 😀 (sorry if their are mistakes i'm a Portugues who live in france 🙂 )

  5. Brandon can u tell me an android screen recorder that is free

  6. Q: why do you keep your archers at lvl 6 in your lets clash series?

  7. hi brandon im from portugal . why do you upgrade your th iff you are not maxed out ?

  8. 289

  9. Why ur hog and giants are lvl 1 only ..? cause i think hogs are very good in war and giants are needed in raid….?

  10. hi brandon,meow how is mini max savage goes to level 10. i like the videos of war reviews of this clan :)

  11. do you think that you will get a special bonus when you finished all the achievments on your main account? sry if my english is a bit bad greatings from germany

  12. Thanks you verey much

  13. Brando

  14. Hi brandon, here's a quick question for you, are you going to play clash royale when the full game is out.(btw keep up the awesome videos)

  15. В какое время ты фармишь? Просто у меня так много заброшенных нету.

  16. subscriber in my channel pelase.

  17. Hi Brandon what are u thinkin of Clash Royale and will You play it?

  18. The key to success is to max out your town hall before moving to another town hall #anotherone

  19. good video bro

  20. если есть люди из россии которые смотрят брендона, ответьте

  21. Brandon, what is your favourite troop?

  22. Brandon you did 25 thousand attack in 14 days , can you do more than 50 thousand attack in one season
    (35 days)

  23. hi brandon anyother mobile game you want to bring to ur channel, ans plz

  24. ?

  25. ?