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How SuperCell can make Clash of Clans Great Again in 2016

A list of things I believe need to happen to return Clash to its former glory. Let me know what you guys think. Check out my Patreon page and help support the …


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  1. Your trophy pushing idea will mean that even th1s can reach Legend league..

  2. How about instead of new troops you have new "modes" of troops similar to how the garden gnome is set to ground or air. So like you could pick if giants attacked any or defenses only or make more defenses set to ground or air preferences. Like archer towers that target air or ground or any first. That would make base building and attacks more dynamic. A new troop every year might be a stretch and difficult to balance but new flavor a of the same old troops would accomplish the same thing. Team Fortress 2 does this to keep things interesting. The troops are the same but new weapons that are buffed in one way and nerfed in the other opens up new possibilities and fun. Then u adjust as needed to keep game balance.

  3. modding has been around for so long i dont understand how a multimillion dollar company like supercell cant fix a simple hack like mods smh get your shit together #FPC

  4. sorry but make your vids a little bit shorter

  5. This is only from a FPC perspective . There are many people who don't take war this serious. Supercell can't just destroy the game for a portion of you guys

  6. sry but I had to laugh so hard with "if there is no death penalty".. BS..

  7. Great suggestions. I thought the one about trophy pushing was really interesting

  8. Jake, with your pushing idea wouldn't legend th11's be matched up against farming bases?

  9. like this video people! maybe supercell will notice!

  10. If I had one wish it'd be that Jake worked at Supercell.

  11. The only thing I'll give $C is that I haven't farmed this much in, well, ever. League bonus + star bonus makes me want to keep raiding. However, ALL points you discussed are right on target

  12. People are cheating because the game is not effcient.Most of the mods are to get specific matchups in multiplayer.This is because multiplayer matchups is sometimes very bad.Before banning anyone,supercell must fix their game and then start banning.I am not supporting mods but the people who cheat have sometime a good reason behind it,they dont want waste their time or whatever.Cheating should award a permanent ban.

  13. Good content Jake. Thanks

  14. #MakeClashGreatAgain

  15. Once I contacted customer service about a time were consistently people would donate but I wouldn't get CC troops there response was 'Someone must have got on your device and used them' WTF I have one device you can't get on my Coc account because im not synced to Gplay

  16. Lol funny because i cheat (:

  17. September 16, 2014 on the lava hound. Year and a half, and by the time we actually get the new troop probably 2 years. How long was it between the lava hound and witch? October 24, 2012

  18. Spot on with the Supercell support replies issue! A long time ago, I reported to Supercell about obvious evidence of modding in a clan war and the response I get was… a canned response. When I replied to that, I got almost the EXACT same canned response as the one before. I never bothered with their support ever again since.

  19. im glad jake uses his power and range which gets bigger and bigger the more subs he gets to produce such videos. war recaps, theorycraft and guides on one hand, game changing and well thought ideas on the other hand

  20. Did any one else see the glitch at 19:30 the video cut to a previous raid

  21. Moo

  22. I agree with you 100% Jake.. That's why I looked for a new game and I had also found VG.. I've been playing VG for around 6 months now and am addicted to VG as I once was to Clash… I do check in and collect my loot, participate in an occasional war but nothing more because in my opinion, Clash has done nothing more then take away form the game as opposed to give any incentive to play.. So sad.

  23. Supercell should swallow their pride for now, listen to Jake, then they would get at least double the pride back

  24. how to know if some one is cheating in war? i have read post where people say low lvl ths attack high lvl ths and then those high lvl gets 3 starred. people also mentioned some apps that allow you to do that. but consider this scenario suppose a high lvl th wants to do lavaloon (a fresh attack). so is it wrong on hes part to ask clan mate to reveal enemy cc? if its lava in cc he may swap poison for haste. thus avoiding him taking 2 poisons in case dragon was in cc. so is this also cheating? (just a thought)

  25. Usually your videos are on point, but this one falls short. The reason why cheating has ruined other games (e.g. COD, CS, etc) is because it makes the game unplayable. You can still play Clash even with cheaters. Sure, you might get matched with a modding clan 2 times out of 6 wars, but it's still playable. Your logic just doesn't hold.

  26. Jake from statefarm i agreed with everything you said but lets be real… Its supercell they do not care about us there making bank so they will leave us to die probably

  27. i will admit, I use xmod, and so do a few of my clan members. (to be honest i only started using it about 2 months ago so that I could rise within my clan. i don't feel bad about using it beside the way clash is set up it reward those players. however, I'd drop the mod in a second to join a clan that could help me become better.

  28. A TH5 rising up way beyond everyone else in cup count because he can 3* every fellow TH5 with gibarch makes no sense to me. Supercell also makes no money out of it. Whatever a game company may say, the game is a business, not something built out of general benevolence to keep people happy.
    I agree with modding perma bans, having been in several mediocre clans I can attest that modding affects everyone, not just the high level war community

  29. totally agree. permanent irreversible ban. its so hard to see sc ignored video proof of berg's modding and did nothing

  30. I agree 100% with you Jake, keep up the good work.  I hope this changes too.