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How To 3 STAR ANY TH10 as a TH11 W/ MINER BOWLER CLONE COMBO! Clash Of Clans Strategy Tips

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  1. Great strategy for a th11 with low level heroes like me. I like that it is not too dependent on heroes?.

  2. hey guys join my Clan name of the clan name is Legend's

  3. So there's Valkyries, bowlers, miners, and air attacks are back. They keep attack more options.

  4. bowler and miner = yadone mostly

  5. You can 3 star any townhall 10 base regardless of the army. Worthless video in my opinion.

  6. Hi Ash, just to let you know that I love your videos!!

  7. you deserve 1 million sub

  8. Damn Ash, leading the way with update content. Keep it up please. Doing a good job mixing up the Town Halls so far just keep it up! Thanks for all you do!

  9. +clash with ash clash royale & clash of clan your awesome and deserve more subs and I'm a town hall 8 can you help me with saving up my loot for upgrade cuz I need loot plz help

  10. um 3rd I think

  11. hi ash love your vids!

  12. Tomorrow would you prefer TH11 Mass Bowler + Heal spell strategy OR Th10 Mass Bowler Strategy?