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How to 3 Star the Resource Ring Box Base at TH10

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  1. IMO you don't need freeze with valks. as you can see in the video as soon as freeze froze the second inferno , the inferno was down already. IMO heal or another rage is more valuable.

  2. Hi Matty I am a TH8.5 with 19/15 heroes wanting to get into your clan. I got rejected so do you know how I can?

  3. Absolutely love it matty! That's exactly what I've been doing! :-)

  4. Hi Matty, great video. I was wondering if you might be able to take out the black bars around your video on the next one. Not a huge deal but it would be nice to have a bit bigger video on my iPad screen. Goodluck in your next war!

  5. great Video Matty!^^

  6. Nice tips man, great video Matty! <3

  7. Can you show attacks without the use of a queen walk? Unless you do a scout or have somebody show you the way where the queen will walk, I find a queen walk to be unreliable

  8. When do you think valks will be nerfed? Wondering if it's worth maxing mine out from lvl 4 or use the DE on hogs instead