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How to 3 STAR this “(TH9 TESTED IN 15 WARS)” Base | With Different strategies | Clash Of Clans

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  1. hey ransouvi
    I'm sure that HPBB is going to be the Best strategy after the coming update 'cause P.E.K.K.A will be Made Kind of stronger( teslas won't Do Double damage on them as before

  2. those were great, but i can't use those strategies, we don't have bowler in the clan…

  3. nice i got this base lol xD

  4. thnx

  5. clash with abdu I subscribed u subscribe me tooo

  6. whats the title of the song?

  7. ransouvi nice video and plz tell me all music name

  8. What should I take if Bowlers aren't available.. ?

  9. Gorgeous continued ?? Lake

  10. its so peaceful

  11. I was thinking about using that base, but I think you changed my mind

  12. I love the intro

  13. ان شاء الله قناتك ماتنجح الن تبوك منلعالم وجيبهن علينه شنو احنه زعاطيط

  14. Great video!!

  15. ان شاء الله قناتك ماتنجح الن تبوك منلعالم وجيبهن علينه شنو احنه زعاطيط

  16. ok we are doing arrange war with olympus 300

  17. oh thanks

  18. this base sucks.. doesn't work.. thanks Ransouvi for posting this video..

  19. شكرا ??????

  20. this is my base lol

  21. and checkout my channel too

  22. what?

  23. thank you for this video. beautiful. strategies ?


  25. u there?