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How To Balance Clash Of Clans [Ending the Nerf/Buff Cycle]

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  1. th 9 dont need an air buff lol

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  6. nice vid ash

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  8. I'm not agree with the new mortar level at town hall 9,I personally like the fact that you have a defense level per townhall,thing gone with th 10 and the 2 levels of cannons and archer towers,but usefull for balancing. For the GW,I don't know,that's not only the eternal tome to be overpowered,the life aura allows bowlers and miners to survive so much longer,that's like you have a bowler/miner and half in terms of health,is a little bit too much.I love the fact that in th 11 we have an effective counter to inferno towers,the invincibility state,but as you I'd like to see less troops effected,like 50 housing spaces.Thanks for the awesome videos man,keep up this good work!

  9. even slip online part veteran scared.

  10. The only player I know using the clonespell is Brandon, and he kinda has success with it.


  12. You know that there is something wrong with the game when I start 3-Starring th 10's constantly.. xD

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  15. Air definitely needs a boost… I was thibking something like lavas automatically bursting when no damage is taken for 15 secs

  16. You can still laloon at townhall 9. In fact it's incredibly easy with the base meta shifted to defending all this other stuff, I shattered lalo, cb lalo or queen charge lalo in every competetive war on both of my townhall 9s. If you have a big queen I would actually recommend 3 rage 4 quake charging for 3 ADs, killing the AQ with cc miners and lalooning the last AD. I would be very sad if they buffed air attacks at townhall 9 because things would be too easy for me.

  17. keep up the good work

  18. ash plz give th9 base to push to titans plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  19. I refuse to nerf Grand Walden

  20. I really dont want a change atm because 2 weeks and my warden is 20 so I wanna spam as well…

  21. What if they made it so th9s couldn't get th10 troops in cc that would get rid of hghb. Think extra bomb would make hogs useless at th9.

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  30. One more thing and if anyone is using air let me know how you doing. I really don't think air needs a buff. but that is my opinion and at any TH level. I flatten bases as they are now. They are OP. For Some TH11s, I Don't even deploy king and queen for a 3. People who know how to predict pathing, placement, and utilize the compositions have some impressive overkills. Come visit and check some stuff out.

  31. Giant bombs should get more damage onto bowlers/miners

  32. Ash how do you afford to max out defenses and heroes I try to queen walk with lvl 20 queen and get smoked thanks for your help
    Love the game but tired of losing on expensive attacks

  33. Ash should learn to code and create his own awesome version of Clash of Clans and put it up on the app store where we will all see that it will become the number one most downloaded app in the history of apps ? Great video by the way Ash! Really appreciate your work! You're an inspiration for us smaller Youtubers and I can only imagine how hard it is for you to have a full time job on the side of this ?

  34. What about the freaking useless skeleton spell??
    SC nerfs way too much when they get to it (look at clash royale x-bows and mortars which are now useless and witches in coc)

  35. I don't understand the concern for TH9, as I don't see TH9s 3 starring TH9s regularly at all. It happens, but it usually takes max troops and high level heroes, or low level defenses. And TH10s, what about them? Are we ignoring them now? I definitely agree with adding new levels of defenses rather than nerfing troops.

  36. Another option for the Grand Warden would be make the eagle target him before golems. This way attackers are encouraged to send a kill squad to remove the eagle or else risk losing the GW before even using the eternal tome.

  37. Im a maxed th11 and hit legends. This game is broken. No matter the base design… Bowlers valks and miners….. This game is dead. Supercell needs to do something

  38. Great ideas Ash…,let's see if SC is listening. Also liked your state of the game video.
    I'm seeing a lot of dead / inactive bases on my th9 account. Feels like many people are dropping the game. SC needs to balance the game and work on communication and add 5v5 and fix the cheating issue.

  39. it's so easy… tell them to concentrate less on money making game clash royale…. clash of clans will get better…. I seriously don't understand why clash royale is getting more peoples where it takes money and gems for everything…. and evertihing is systematic…. but clash of clan need skills…

  40. Great strategy to fix coc buff all troops and add tons of new defenses to counteract the buffed troops

  41. put bowlers back to 8 spacing and or slight nerf. miner nerf. increase witches a tad. maybe allow red air bombs to hit healers again. problem solved

  42. I really liked these ideas.

  43. What you were saying about air attacks… I am a wr player, and i havent done a war attack that wasnt air in about a year, ahich is about how long i have been th9, and i got the hound(Almost th10, been a long wait!). I dont believe that air attacks need a buff at all(although ill happily take one 😉 ). Golaloon, penta laloon, and my favorite, queenpop laloon. These attacks are still as viable as they ever were, they are just not as popular anymore. I do just fine 3 starring th9's, and the occasional fresh th10 with single target infernoes. If you ask me, they are getting stronger too, because everybody has their base setup for a valk attack, or hghb, and air defenses are often set far out of bases, and xbows are often set down. I can't speak for th10 and 11, but im sure the same things are happening since people arent seeing air. So I don't believe that they need a buff, or debuff, they just need some advertisement!

  44. Ash – thanks so much for continuing to put out COC content on a consistent basis!  Most of the other "big" Clash youtubers have jump on the Royale bandwagon and stop making COC videos. Then want to cry on youetube how they can't be #1 and everyone is cheating…  Which I could care less as there is no skill at playing CR and it's extremely boring to play. Anyway… Keep up the great work and look forward to more COC videos!!! Hopefully SC is listening to you on balancing the game a bit.

  45. I think SC should allowing miners to be vulnerable to traps while underground. That would allow much more innovation on offense and defense.

  46. I agree the warden is the main issue. I hate to say it too as I turn TH 11 in 12 days.

  47. Ash, ur my favorite ClashTuber of all, i always watch your vids, i admire u!