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How to Defeat Square Base TH10 – 2 Ways to 3 Star Attack in Clan War | Clash of Clans

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  1. #smashedit

  2. Good stuff, Wicked! Thumbs up!

  3. Nice video – ya it's amazing how people are still using this base lol cray

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  5. #smashedit Too bad my account was hijacked :/ TH9 as a 8.5 MAXED out literally idk what happened

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  10. ??nicee,thanks..

  11. 2 star on a TH9 as TH10 wow

  12. #smashedit,,wasnt his bowlers lvl1,,,great attacks

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  14. valks with a few hogs for security is the best combo ever imo at th9/10. on my th8 though.. ride or die with hogs lol

  15. #Smach

  16. Nice

  17. Hey wicked, love your channel. If would be nice if anyone reading this could check out my channel too i do base builds and stuff

  18. Awesome now I will try this method

  19. #smashed
    Thanks for posting those tutorials on how to attack,
    I really think that there's no so many attack instructional videos on youtube. THanks a lot.

  20. Nice vid

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