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How to GoVaHo (Fresh Bases) | Best TH9 War Strategy | Clash of Clans

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  1. thnx for the vid Mattie Matty … took down two base layouts as I will be th9 in 9 days ­čÖé Btw, I have 70k dark elixer..I was going to upgrade research lab and buy a shield "so nobody raids me" as soon as I hit th9. Then upgrade golem to lvl3 once lab finishes upgrade. This action is accomplished besides getting the archer queen. I;m a war focused player but don't know if this is a respectable move…any thoughts?´╗┐

  2. Thanks matty, this video helped me :). Currently I am trying to perfect the surgical hog deployment when defenses are distracted, but it will come over practise.

    ~Sammy from BarbariaNParty.´╗┐

  3. Will this work with my Lvl 3 valks on a th8 point defense base and my 15/15 heros´╗┐

  4. Cold September recap?´╗┐

  5. Should you drop you king or your valks first?´╗┐

  6. Matty… best video I've seen on govaho! Once you run it a few times you get the feel for the hog deployment. Keep up the good work.´╗┐

  7. Hey bro, Nice video. Could you check your line please? Cya.´╗┐

  8. Hey Matty 15:20 that was my base! ???? "very common base" as you said…
    Nice war BTW … We've learned a lot from you guys! ?´╗┐

  9. Don't want to upset u but th 9 is old and finished, everyone has moved up´╗┐

  10. Matty can you please attack a more internet style base with a govaho because some of us don't come across spread out bases like you so can you attack a compact base so I can learn from that. Thanks love your videos´╗┐

  11. Great vid Matty! Love your How-to videos man. Btw can you make a AQ walk GoVaHo how-to video as well? just a small video! I sincerely hope you reach 100k or somewhere near that man, GL.´╗┐

  12. Hi Matty, nice tutorial. Ive also developed a strong th9 attack. Same sort of style but instead of valks, Max witches in cc giant barb, 1 witch of your own. You dont need poison with this attack as the skellies distract the drag. 1heal on your kill squad, then 2 heals for your hogs on the remainder of the base.´╗┐

  13. Great strategy matty I've been here since your 8k and I've loved ur vids ever since keep up the great work man!´╗┐

  14. Love you and your videos Matty! The most Underrated and Uncredited clash youtuber. Keep up the good work, always love your recaps and tutorials, if they are 10 minutes, 30 minutes, or an 60 minutes!
    Thanks for taking a huge chunk of your family to make these videos, and know that you are entertaining many and helping many clashers ;)´╗┐

  15. thank you for all your help.´╗┐

  16. Thanks Matty! I just started using govaho this really heled´╗┐

  17. Very helpul one keep it up Matty??´╗┐

  18. Are you going to recap those two wars? XD the seem pretty interesting´╗┐

  19. this is what i was waiting for´╗┐

  20. we are in a war with the same modding clan and they modded the shit out of us´╗┐

  21. I 100% agree this strategy is my favorite right now. I use 4 quakes and 3 heals. 1 for valks and King in core and 2 heals for hogs´╗┐

  22. Could you also make clash royale videos as I think it could promote channel growth as it is going to be released globally soon.´╗┐

  23. How do you know how many valks to bring to the raid? What does it depend on?´╗┐

  24. Good vid matty can you or have you done a queen walk strat?´╗┐

  25. Great Video Matty! the main problem is I screw up with surgical deployment of hogs :(´╗┐

  26. Hey matty whens the cs recap coming´╗┐

  27. Why you upload the Vid 1 fay to late? I done 88% time up´╗┐

  28. Do you think the max attack is still a strong attack style?´╗┐

  29. When Aq GoVaHo and not only govaho´╗┐

  30. Its such a shame not to see ur channel growing, dope video as always!´╗┐

  31. Could you do a video on th10s with air attacks (drags or lavaloon)´╗┐

  32. Buddy the last raid u showed on Sept one was awesome too good will surely try this strategy love ur vids bro´╗┐

  33. First´╗┐