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How to hack/crack any game/app Without Root(Lucky Patcher)2016!

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  1. I like this video so much ;)

  2. does it leave malware on your device ??

  3. bro it is working only with a few small games ,it is not working with asphalt 8,gangster vegas,few other big games is there any way.

  4. Bro which song In BG ??

  5. it doesn't wirk with gameloft and some other games

  6. Great Video Man !! Will this go same for Rooted Devices ??

  7. Not any game doe…

  8. it was my b'day on 18 may

  9. are you Arundhati roy's son?

  10. will it work on PicArt ? its a photo editing app !!

  11. good video anubhav roy

  12. it says it might soft brick is that a very high chance also can it hack games like clash royale?

  13. Already knew that

  14. Great :-)

  15. awesome content but combining lucky patcher with root and xposed framework makes it more powerful and awesome

  16. Cool Video

  17. One noob disliked xD

  18. Note: Will not work with online titles.

  19. awesome