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How to Play Clash of Clans!

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  1. Can Do u wanna a join our clan if u need one Its called Clan_OMega Text me back ASAP if you wanna join

  2. Join 51st Legion

  3. Didn't know if i was the only one to catch that.

  4. If you look at around 5 minutes your max elixer is 2500 but you have 2700.

  5. join theholyangels


  7. change the name

  8. 4:28 he has more elixir than in the storages.

  9. #camsucksatattacking

  10. ur not in barbarian party

  11. CQOTD:If you went level up and get trophies then which clan will you join?

  12. Anyone notice he has 2,700 elixir when the max is 2,500?

  13. join clashtronamers

  14. Cam!!!!!! I am in a great clan and I would love it so much if you joined us and maybe stayed for a war or two, I love your videos and hope you reach an insane amount of subscribers!! My clan name is Ultimate 888. Hope to see you then!!!!!!!

  15. Awesome :D

  16. CQOTD: how were u able to download clash royale… I'm from the USA and it says I have to switch my Apple Store to download it ( I did that but it didn't work ) PLEASE HELP

  17. 4:29 he has over 2,500 elixer how is that possible

  18. Lol, tutorial is weird… how do you have 2700/2500 Elixir at 4:27 and at 4:24, why does it say you can't change your name?

  19. what is farming? farming died when th 11 came #ripfarming??

  20. Hi Cam Can u have Mustangbro join my brother's clan. plz Its name is Blade Star's

  21. wait at 5:17 it said 2700 elixir and the max was 2500

  22. subscribe to me and I'll sub back with my tablets account

  23. Am i the only 1 who noticed cam has 2,700 elixer and he can only hold 2,500…

  24. bra join my clan six-gun martians

  25. My friend quit within the first 3 days because he said it was boring, but he was TH3. Meanwhile, he still plays hay day -_-

  26. Plz cam

  27. Can I join cam plz

  28. cam bro your videos are good asf and whenever you get your clan castle I would like for you to join my clan #YJPV09GL is the clan Punjabi lvl 5 clan

  29. It's The Beasts the leader is Doctor Awesome

  30. Since you said this is a traveling account can you join my clan for a little? ?

  31. u should give me a shout out I watch all your vids


  33. Dislike cause you said ford sucks