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How To Queen Zap – Full Exclusive Tutorial For Town Hall 8,9,10,11

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  1. have to show you how to do it with two lightning- nuknfuts

  2. This is really really really good. I was searching about the detail and strategies about using lightning to take out an air defence and queen on th9. This is exactly what I want!! Thanks!!

  3. This is incredibly helpful! Thanks so much!

  4. Very instructive video, thanks for the tutorial (specially considering you wasted some spells and trophies to make it). Cheers from Spain!

  5. I've been using this with low level TH 9's, easy 3 stars. Haven't tried it on AQ's this high. Great to see a full explanation.

  6. I think an earthquake would be better than a poison spell.

  7. This is a real nigga .

  8. What's the app that lets you draw in clash of clans?

  9. Hey Gadi great episode, will apply it in my next war hopefully. I was part of a th9 tournament event (there were 16 clans, the one I was in was hunted by some HL/GS96/RH guys sadly) but left for some great replays! Not sure if youre interested to see but some nice higher hero/base attacks to see.

  10. Thank you sir!!!

  11. I did one! Killed 2 ad and the aq with lightning, but I used 2 eq tho. if u want to come check it out, clan tag is #Y9V9G9Y

  12. actually one of the most educational coc channels out there on yt, keep it up , watching most of your videos and reading your homepage, just good content. Check my channel if you want, just started some german vids for my warclan
    Gadi btw i think for th8 players the zap lvl5 still has to be exactly on top of the airdefense, otherwise it wont go down in many cases.

  13. I did one! Killed the queen and one AD, Penta the rest, there was a hound in the CC, got one hound fully alive and pups everywhere. I think this is OP man!

  14. keep up the great videos

  15. hey Gadi, was just thinking like since the pattern of lightning spells changes with each drop maybe that is why the queen sometimes doesn't go down?

  16. Will this attack work with low heros?

  17. this video and this kind of atack are like 1 million times better than supercell update :p


  19. guys here is some more info that i forgot adding to the video:
    How many lightnings per queen level?
    4 level 6 lightning = level 30 queen
    (might need poison too)
    4 level 5 lightning = level 20 queen
    5 level 7 lightning = level 40 queen
    5 level 6 lightning = level 40 queen (might need poison too)
    3 level 6 lightning = level 15 queen
    3 level 6 lightning = level 15 queen
    (might need poison too)