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How To Start Clash of Clans – Beginner Tips and Tutorial Guide

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  1. nice video! good tips for the beginners! out of curiosity, since you have multiple accounts, are you interested in participating on one of them, idc which one, in a clan war I will do with my subs and other youtubers to celebrate 300 subs? 😀 You don't need to advertise it for me, just wondering if you wanna take part

  2. great vid for beginners.. keep it up

  3. Nice Video Judo :)

  4. Always creative

  5. Very nicely done Judo!Im planning on making a mini account for wars soon and this really refreshed my memory on the really low lvls.And if you can why not hop on by to my clan for a quick war?Clan tag: #LUGVV9J9

  6. amazing video man…. I m a th8 and still found this video useful keel it up man. love ur vids

  7. hi judo , i am new to your channel i subcribed , and i also like your tutorials very much hope you do new goho i saw your goho tutorial thats why i subcribed because thats cool tutorials and always watched alot of your tutorials liked this video so much , you are very good youtuber, hope you hit 2 mil subcribers nearly!

  8. "a whopping two gems" lmao

  9. Btw, How did u think of such an original name?

  10. Nice video just found you and your pretty cool so far

  11. Yes! Basics Judo! Love love love basics

  12. JuDo SC Updated COC and make the CC To 10K So Its Much Easier Than The Older Days

  13. I Already Knew All these tips…but they are good tips, Nice Video JuDo !?

  14. ?Nice

  15. Nice video

  16. The idea of a low lv gameplay account appeals me

  17. Wow this video is loaded