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How to use Bowler’s in Barch ATTACK strategy | Clash of clans | BoBarch 3 star Attack strategy

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  1. Sick one kas remember me? That clan you came to called NOOBS DEPOT ? I'm WizZNae and I subbed you ✌?️

  2. I just got a bowler now level 1 ☺

  3. I recently subscribed today and i'm already enjoying your channel,keep it up????

  4. me again luci nice atack haha funny asf

  5. ♡♡♡Thanks for poppin by we love your visits in the Banger house. Gobs Nubs home of Gwens mini would also love a visit 😉 lots of ♡♡♡

  6. Nice Vid!!!

  7. Daaamn. Finally something that isn't ' MASS BOWLER X30' or '300 BOWLER RAID'. Subscribed.

  8. good work

  9. nice video

  10. hey cool video i m xXfabioXx :)

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