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How to use the New Event MEGA MARATHON | (EXPLAINED) | Clash of clans….!

  1. me to 1 gems hota next rewards k liye tohi use krta kitne mehga hai yeh event ???

  2. I want to join your clan

  3. Yar Bhai tm mujhe kick kyu kiya tha main msdhoni

  4. Nhi karu ga

  5. Noo

  6. I have to join your clan please do something by required trophy

  7. Shockwave : I have to join your clan please can you do something by required trophy

  8. how you make viedo plz teach

  9. bhai builder base mega merathon what is this

  10. Hello

  11. West

  12. Bhai usne abhii tak 4000 donation kiye hai usme se bas 100 200 troops wrong donation tha usne kafi donation kiya raat main bhii mango too usne troops diye har ek bande ko he is very good player usne tere clan ke bare main bhi bataya ki kafi accha clan hai

  13. #udayprataphayat . tumhe kya problem he

  14. face cam kar

  15. Hi

  16. Nice

  17. Bhai plz reduce your clan join trophies to 1000 I join

  18. hi Shockwave plz join my clan WARRIORS N DUDE AND PLZ join bro fast reply

  19. Shockwave u r so so so time wasting guys,

  20. Do hell with u n do hell with this shit game.

  21. Shockwave……