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How to Win 3 stars with Dragons in Clash Of Clans TH9 TH8 TH10 maybe TH11

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  1. It is imperative that your lightning spells and earthquake spells are upgraded to the required level; otherwise, it is quite an effortless in futility. It may seem obvious, but it is quite easy to overlook in multiplayer, especially in the upper leagues.

  2. How to three star with dragons… a th9 attack? Dragons suck above th8

  3. well of course someone could 3 star that shit internet base design that has a lvl 1 queen.. daddy i wanna see you attack a real th9 anti 3 base with your same level heroes with this dragon strategy bet ya cant do it

  4. Been watching your videos since the Barbs archers minions tutorial, you enabled me to accomplish a lot in the game, and finally, you inspired me to start a you-tube channel. Thank you.

  5. Hey Daddy, love your vids ? thumbs up

  6. hi. I'm a brand new th9 er. and wondering what to max first. my camps are almost done. I have 1 left. then I'm working of the air def, wiztower and archertower. what should I upgrade after that? (saving up for the troop upgradethingi) also have a 10king and 1 arch queen

  7. Hey guys I'm doing a giveaway if you want to enter you don't have to and please no comment saying advertising cause I'm not

  8. Wtf is the first attack? an almost maxed th9 attacking a newly upgraded th9, i could 3 star him with goblins with 23/29 heroes

  9. Every time I click on your video I see -1000 subs from the last time :/

  10. I think you should take out the farthest away from your drags . And attack on the side where the ad's are but its just a suggestion

  11. Hey daddy i love your new intro also keep up the good work! And also a nice strategy ;)

  12. Hi daddy, have a good day!

  13. yoyoyo

  14. Hey Daddy! Much love! Don't quit Clash of clans for Royale please lol!

  15. Lol 69th view

  16. i am a almost maxed th10 just need 100 more wall to upgrade to max and i am now board of the game and so many top players are stomped playing the game they need to come up with something like what they did when they released clan wars and fast

  17. nice

  18. third

  19. How do you still play clash of clans? I am bored of it

  20. I'm so early, if only i could think of something unoriginal. Nice video Daddy!!