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How to Zap Quake TH8 Dragloon Attack Strategy | Overpowered 3 Star Tutorial | Clash of Clans

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  1. Tô.OP Likee, Nicee 😉

  2. Loved the attack strategy bruh

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  4. Qt: Ungrateful Escape The Fate it's an amazing anti bullying song

  5. great video wicked!

  6. QT: Jane says by Janes addiction

  7. Beset th8 attack. I use eight drags and eight loons. Loons suck up seeking mines.

  8. Just got my 2nd account to lvl7 and my main still has a while at th9, them hero upgrades take a while

  9. Tried that once with level 4 lightnings on my mini. Long story short I got the 1 star! (And my lightning spell is being upgraded)

  10. Dj Splash – Bass is Kicking

  11. Qt: Antidote, by Travis Scott?

  12. QT: Nothing by The Script

  13. The attack can be much better.I personally use a haste spell rather than the poison spell in clan castle. And btw in the video most of this are noob bases with level 4 or 5 ad lol and none of them are even Antidrag base so it can be 3 starred easily anyways lol…

  14. Hello Clashers! Great video, I like your style of doing videos! I started YouTube channel few days ago and I would really much appreciate if you could check that and give me honest feedback in comments and also subscribe to grow my channel! Have a nice day ;)

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  17. QUESTION: MY favourite song in hotline by drake

  18. nice video

  19. I use drag loon all the time as i have two th8 accounts. To take out a lvl 6 air d the lightning spell needs to be lvl 5. I have also found taking a haste spell in the cc works really well. you can use the haste on the loon then they hit the rage spell.

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