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How Will War Change with Modders Gone? – Clash of Clans

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  1. I think you are living in a bubble bruh. I have kicked several people in my clans for cheating. It's widespread.

    FYI- modding slows progress. It always eventually kills competitive gaming if ignored. There is NO way to stop all of it, at least they are trying to scare kids away from it. Those who are more knowledgable, we know cheating can't not be stopped, but the push back helps.

  2. It took them 2 years yet it's still not in full effect. Most of us already lost the interest so it really doesn't matter.

  3. I'm just happy to see SC making an effort. maybe they'll actually balance things a little better now.

  4. Nice vid, this explained a lot:)

  5. agreed that innovation will be slow…VERY slow….anyways well said

  6. wasn't your leader a dirty modder

  7. i kind of have to disagree with how you think the modding works.. ppl that mod(high lvl war clans ofc) we dont mod to find troops that can 3star a base modding is there to fine tune the pathing of the troops to ensure a 3star. we have all done thousands of attacks and are way more experienced than 90% of the game so its not about finding a troop comb that works cuz thats pretty easy lets be honest its just used as a tool for fine tuning small details such as timing and pathing

  8. im upset that they are banning modders and im not a modder i agree its against the rules but there couldve been something different done about it

  9. Anecdotally, I would agree that the majority of the war community is fair play, but it's from the experience of the match ups I've faced while in other clans. I don't have any solid facts to back that up and I'm not sure anyone really does either way. I think that opinion is just a guess and we don't really know the real numbers of modders to say definitively. Supercell is a fortress with releasing numbers and other sources like Reddit hyperinflate with the audience they have.

    Let's talk about innovation in strategy. The VAST majority of time, innovation comes from the very top players and trickles its way down to lesser skilled players. I've played an FPS strategy game at the very highest level, ranked number 1 in the US and 2nd worldwide. And we very rarely looked at the lower divisions of play to develop new strategies. Often times it was quite the opposite. The lower skilled players would copy what the higher skilled players were doing, without really knowing the reasons behind strategies. Mere imitation. It's a very common trend with players even in clash as they're learning specific army comps and why each piece is needed. Precooked armies without really tailoring something.

    Let's face it, the VERY top players in this game were modders. I know that many fair play clans won't agree, but just by sheer will and the amount of practice they've had, any former modder in a top clan, on average, could easily hang in a top fair player clan. Strategies like AQ walks were developed in the modding community to combat a very specific base… the dragonflower base. Now the strat's trickled down to mainstream play. Innovation will still happen, but it surely won't be at the same pace as before.

    Modders can do 20 to 30 attacks an hour for free. Fair play get 2 every 2 days plus whatever cloud attacks they do? Just pure numbers.

  10. Hey man. Just a few thoughts. I dont think there will be a lack of innovation. Strategies will continue to adapt and progress – but i think it will be a LOT slower. Let's make 2 subsets of "the warring community" – the "all warrers" group which you rightfully say (I think) are predominantly fairplay – then theres the people who are really serious about war and 3 star strats. ie, for a more simple analogy, the "gowipers" vs the "hybriders"

    We have to remember that the "all warrers" group will not be dong the innovating. These are the guys searching up on youtube "how to loonion in wars" and "how to gowipe in wars" and happy with 2 stars.

    The guys doing the innovation will be those who are actually the "hybrider" group – who are maybe 50-50 with modding? Or maybe more towards modding? I dont really know.

    But lets not forget – we would not have all the stuff like goho, golaloon etc without modders having found them. We would probably eventually still find em – but probably a few months later than we actually did historically.

    Now I am not supporting modding. But I am just acknowledging what, in my mind – is that they are the keystone of clash innovation

  11. Just to clarify: the war community as a whole is predominantly fair play. The modding clans, due to obvious advantage, sit around the top of the spectrum usually.