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HUGE LOOT!! 2.8 MILLION :: Miner Strategy VS Ring Base in Clash Of Clans

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  1. Great Loot Ash?

  2. Hey Ash for your next CoC video, can you make one on how to avoid wb fails. Up until now I still mess up a bit on those.

  3. nice loot ash!

  4. i use 4 PEKKA's, 12 wiz, 6 WB's, 2 golems. with 2 rage, 1 heal and 1 jump with poison. crazy good strategy for alot of bases

  5. may God bless you guys Jesus Christ loves you

  6. last time i came this early,

    jakr still played coc

  7. Can u do a collab with A Spence23$

  8. I've had a 900k of each and 7k de once that was my highest to date

  9. Who doesnt have max miners? :(

  10. Rip jake

  11. i cant find loot at th8 crystal league

  12. and you 3 star WOW! :)

  13. do a th9 farming strategy plz

  14. RIP Jake

  15. Hey ash, I know I'm just another subscriber but the clash community really needs you and pb to hang on. We need you to continue playing the game and helping it grow. I know the game is at a low right now but we need to try and get through this right now. If you or pb were to hang up right now the game will die.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this!

  16. Ash I need some gud lavaloons videos..can u provide me a link or two? :)

  17. ? when will I find these kind of resources. I found 600000 after maintenance

  18. I m jealous !!!

  19. Boring game

  20. nice attack starategy do you know one for a th7 with dragon and hogs

  21. im 9 th yes

  22. The cover picture was funny lol

  23. It's 2.2 mil

  24. Will you please give me a shoutout please? I watch and like all your videos

  25. Nice :)

  26. wow nice strategy

  27. ring bases are so popular

  28. Jake left clash

  29. First

  30. under 301 club

  31. هلا

  32. Hi

  33. Yo whats up ?