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I got a new Dog!! Meet Cooper!

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  1. Try Fun Run 2 its a really fun game where you can race your bros search their name up and add can costumise your character funny and use powerups to kill ppl

  2. use off not down when you want him to get off of something it will confuse him if you teach him to lay down

  3. play mortal combat 5

  4. If so so Vainglory in the AppStore or play store!

  5. marvel future fight

  6. I got my puppy yesterday she's a bichon frise she's so cute

  7. dont ignore bandit

  8. why is your name atta plays atakski is better

  9. atta mythbusters plzzzzzz

  10. hes so cute

  11. play clash royale or td balloon battles

  12. Witch spiesis

  13. I think you should play face swap live

  14. Robert your cat is jealous of the dog

  15. Play Clash Royale

  16. he's so cute ! a man's best friend!

  17. Play mini militia on iPhone .

  18. Bandit said "oh shit he will ignore me after he got that dog!" Lol poor bandit, I feel bad about him… He looks sad when you go away from him with cooper ?…..

  19. +Atta plays Does ur cat hate Cooper?

  20. have you heard of lv prime, he got 100,000 subs in one day

  21. Your dog is amazing :)

  22. Cooper and Atta could play fallout 4 in real life lol

  23. Copper looks cool!

  24. #Tmartn

  25. your dog cooper looks cool.

  26. i like dog whoever likes dogs as well comment or like