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  2. I just became a town hall 9 and it is hard to raid bases for loot with town hall 8 level troops. Any tips?

  3. Hey beaker your vids are the best coc is awesome thanks for the videos

  4. i havent played in forever, can u put a freeze spell in your base for defense or what?

  5. Yep Beaker the Ice Wiz pretty much suck I lost 70 trophie s getting the required 3 to get my 30 gems ?

  6. thnks for this awesome videos i really love your videos

  7. Beak u deserve 1 millions sub Really

  8. love the videos beak

  9. Hey beaker. I'm th9 new and th8 maxed out. Which league I choose for loot and easy dark with elexir and gold.

  10. damm i love to see beaker upgrade something in the end of video

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  12. .

  13. Yo Beaker…………How to join your clan bro…………Check me out I am Leader of L9 clan #2puu0u8cr

  14. Nice video man!

  15. does some know any other good coc youtuber?

  16. The ice wizards were kinda junk in my opinion. I'd rather just have the normal wiz that tear up everything

  17. I did Subscribe you. Please you help subscribe me

  18. Keep the ice wizard

  19. "wahlburgers"

  20. ay beak im thinkin about buying a tablet. i use a galaxy right now wanted to get an i pad can i still transfer my th9 over

  21. OMG my names patrick i was looking away and when beak said that i freaked out

  22. if the ice wizards attacked everything it would kind if take away the purpose of the freeze affect

  23. You deserve more subscribers Beaker . You are the best COC YouTuber(my opinion)

  24. Can I join your clan?I have th 10

  25. Finally decided to watch another video after not watching cause of his language

  26. johor goldstar?malaysian clan lol

  27. You are lazy

  28. happy new year beaker and company!!!

  29. You should have used the last rage and gotten the 3

  30. can you sub to me plz I do clash of clan content

  31. why do you use the same background song in every coc video

  32. ??

  33. Beak I love they attack defenses! They are great for war attacks using like 4 on exterior defenses while golems tank works wonders!

  34. Minecraft plz