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If I was the Supercell Clash Team Lead! [Present and Future of Clash of Clans]

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  1. Boosting barracks with resources means SC will make less money so it'll never happen… Also having single player maps refresh daily means there would be no reason to atk in multiplayer at all. And if 15 sec get added for th10, then another 15 for th11 then going 9.5, 10.5 or even 9.75 will be the best way to exploit that. But other ideas were alright

  2. #hireash

  3. hey ash give me props (I'm a newcomer to CWA I'm pretty sure you remember me fangirling when your th9 acc was on in war)

  4. Game is gonna continue dying because they don't care about modding

  5. great video and ideas ash. hope that supercell can see your video so that they have idea about clash of clans.

  6. I early??

  7. Ash for clash of clans team leader!

  8. #ashforpresedent

  9. Listened to the end like always but I wish you would stop working out so much because calls to nerf troops that are finally viable wears me out. Supercell is quick to take things away and infuriatingly slow to give us something new. They'll do a hot fix to kill our troops but we have to wait (2 years for valks to be useful?) for an update to get a troop improvement. Also, th 11 is in its infancy and just as you said that most people don't have the bowler yet, most people don't have max infernos mortars, or bases to combat valk raids. Personally, I would prefer it to be a little easy that frustratingly hard. I never hear anyone complaining about mass drag or GoHo or GoLaLoon and you are using a lot of the same troops in all of those attacks as well. The average player does not have the ability or competition that the YouTube and "war" community does.

  10. love the arrangend war idea. but how about adding you get no clan experience and war bonus for arranged wars. it just for fun. that will eliminate people cheating the system

  11. I like your idea to reduce training time for troops and I could imagine boosting my barracks for dark elixir.
    Nice thoughts Ash, Congrats on the Promotion!!!!!

  12. Did I just watch Aronos video again, with a combination of my comment on his video about arranged wars and how to go about it ;)

  13. 6th

  14. head of clash team , must have more CATS :3

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