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IM IN A CLASH OF CLANS COMMERCIAL | CamaroBro and his Legendary Lava Pup

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  1. Merry Christmas Cam and a happy new year!!!

  2. Cam for 1 million subscribers you should propose to your girlfriend and record it

  3. hello it's me

  4. can you tell me how you edit your videos WHAT IS THAT APP NAME

  5. Dear cam you are my idol and i hope we can meet up im 12 though

  6. How do you edit your videos?

  7. You make a movie if I were you I would create animation movies

  8. join my new clan, clan tag: #99JRYV9R. and merry Christmas

  9. CQOTD: what will you do when you hit 1 million subs?

  10. Awsome!?

  11. Fucking sell out

  12. finally he sees he sees

  13. Cam go search clutch attack and it's the one with the balloon picture an watch it it's ur attack about the lava pup and in the comments I said go watch the legend of the last lava pup

  14. Any townhall 8s looking for a war clan? Join Dismay (#2UL9PRRR). Must know how to use hogs.

  15. And what a place to see that commercial for the first time. That must have been epic!

  16. Hey Cam! Which Microphone do you use for youtube and do you get money(or commission) from youtube every month?Also which app do you use to record your screen?

  17. Cam can i join your clan

  18. #camsucksatattaking

  19. You probably get this all the time but let me know when you are accepting new members. I'm currently at Y28CQPVU (The Headboppers). I'm a big fan of your vids! I've been subscribed for about a year now! Just maxed out town hall 9 (still working on walls and heroes though)

  20. you are very luky