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  1. 攻められてるの日本人ばかりw

  2. That last raid was so amazing. The Queen is the MVP.

  3. why don't you upgrade your minions to max level?

  4. Fucking clickbait


  6. I asked 2 times my question NS u didn't answered baby

  7. ur account is worth so much. its a max town hall 11, highest level coc account, all achievements complete (i think?) and a name change (i think?)

  8. You deployed your troops like a XMOD..

  9. yeee this strategy is absolutly insane.. i love this strategy

  10. You like soooo much to say: "super duper" :)))) Thats cute :)

  11. CQFOD: can u give th10 beginners guide for war like how to beat single inferno tower base?

  12. you should maybe use a heal spell because infernos dont really care if u attack with valks. ( you could use it when the infernos have died)?

  13. Yesterday my archer queen got target by 2 bows and the enemy queen.
    Took the TH with just a tiny bit of health
    Unfortunately I don't have that luck in clan wars haha

  14. Im 19th

  15. Hey Brandon How Many COC Account Do You Have

  16. Hello Brandon

  17. You're actually correct . Sometimes , the loading page says Heros never die . But they need rest .

  18. Hey brandon 🙂 have a Nice day

  19. forth like

  20. ❤❤❤❤

  21. meowwwww

  22. 7th viewer

  23. 2nd

  24. hi branddoooon

  25. Brandiiiii??

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