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INSANE 4 JUMPS 3 STAR ATTACK vs Maxed Defenses Th9 + Mass Valkyrie

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  1. Hey my brother! I hope your batteries are fully recharged and you are feeling better! All the best to you!

  2. Gadi hh….you want to review the Top Clan (350 wins) and make a review?

  3. its an old attack, used regularly at th10 just with 6 or 7 golems

  4. Wow gadi that 5 golem had been around for a while now. Is this really the first time you've seen it??

  5. Pls more videos and streams ? ( I love ur videos ) ?

  6. i got same layout in the war, should i try 4 jump nd 4 golem? :-D

  7. Dude, that accent.

  8. It's called the avalanche attack been around for a while now

  9. welcome back, loving the new strats

  10. I am from Hungary :)

  11. omg!!! oO

  12. Valk buff killed the game. It requires no thinking and planning. All you need to do is funnel the valks and heal correctly and boom Ez 3*. It requires about as much skill as a th7 mass dragon attack. Valks were definitely OP already before the update when used correctly, now they're just unstoppable, which is really dumb.

  13. больше видео Gadi пожалуйста!!!;)

  14. lol the golem attack isn't a troll its very effektive against dead zone bases

  15. Maybe that vacation was just the ban :3 just kidding

  16. c'mon u think that one was a troll attack!

    u should follow @JAKE's videos. its a new strategy bro. and i believe it's invented by onehive as well. 5 golem+ 4 jumps is a well known strategy now a days.

  17. more valk th9 attacks gadihh. thanks.

  18. норм!

  19. welcome back sir

  20. This combo isn't anything new. OneHive Gazzeta has vids on this type of attack strategy against anti 3-star bases.

  21. its called a golem avalanche gadi and its actually became relatively popular since you were gone – though definitely not the norm.

  22. Always wondered about your accent. I hope you enjoyed your vacation! Glad to have you back to make more cool vids.

  23. Gadi hh.. The first attack shown is not new.. Me and a friend from cold September have been doing it for awhile and it's actually a very reliable attack.. We call it the "heavy hopper".. Use it a lot on anti 3's

  24. wb gadi 😉 … glad vid !! dimmi RH