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InTheDark vs BornToKill – Part 1 – INSANE Hog Rider 3 Star Attack WTF OMG Clash of Clans

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  1. ed u never told u r self u r lost with out Excuses be a man the winners how now when he lost i don't now but may be u think u r the best clan in war but some time the clan do some fail

  2. Thx borntokill to won vs inthedark bitches its ARAB bitch !!! Three stars 1st and last one ?? v40000

  3. ?????

  4. BTW, what happened to dizzy?

  5. BTW, what happened to dizzy?

  6. 2 days without a video from u??!!! .its to hard.where r u ed? i want a video.i miss it

  7. U r just a big shit mouth ! Insulting & humiliating the name of God b coz a game ! U r sick motherfucker

  8. Shut the f**k of ur mouth, u r liar !! BornToKill didn't pay any money to beat shit like u !! They just shown u how much u r so nothing !!!

  9. 40 players 3 stars nice

  10. يا جماعة ترجمو لنا وش يقول ودي اعرف احسه يسب واجد ?

  11. BORNTOKiil win

  12. I see this war in which the player who crushed had he created fuck you

  13. Hey ed any player that I can borrow for a clan tournament. Only 1 player. Please

  14. راعي القناه ممحون يقول fuck me

  15. #Fall_In_The_Dark

  16. wanted to enjoy the good attacks but couldnt coz of this retard !

  17. Shitting On ChiefPat! Hahaha Love It, Keep Up The Good Work!

  18. noop

  19. born to kill is better than in the dark born to kill is Arabic clan they are most better clan in the world and in the dark are loooooooser

  20. go fuck youre self you noob

  21. cade os BR??