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Into The Mountains

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  1. CQOTD:will you make another video of war games like call of duty

  2. CQOTD

  3. What happened there?

  4. CQOTD: is your brother Jeff ok, he has not posted in 5 days?!

  5. Where's Jeff!!!!! He miss uploading!!!

  6. Your channel got better a lot in my opinion after stopping playing killer games, nice job and thank you!

  7. is it just me or did the name if the channel just randomly change?

  8. good graphics atta

  9. What color is you hair?


  11. that is like the grand canyon for ants

  12. That's Roman Atwood in 0.5 seconds

  13. In 10 hours only 628 views

  14. u never said his name… and where were Chriss and Jeff? no homo

  15. That's cool

  16. yeah

  17. CQOTD: When Will You Start Selling T-Shirts With A Call Of Duty Picture And Atakshi Printed On It???

  18. Atta this is video is 4:20 (four minutes and 20 seconds) are you high or something

  19. it was actually a really cool place to go to with ur friend bro.

  20. ?

  21. ?

  22. Nice vid Atta such a cool place to go!

  23. try out using bikes??

  24. dude you need to get some more friends over there and do a airsoft or paintball war in all the tall grass and bushes u can hide behind

  25. dont u play games now

  26. First time I came early. Noice