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  1. Love your youtube Chanel! Cant you make a video about what to uppgrade in a nice order to be a profit for your clan in clanwars. And to get good clanwar match! From th 9 to th10.

  2. thanks for sharing the fail!

  3. Welcome to th10 PB … Good attack do

  4. Good luck my friend

  5. Averages 90% 3 Star attacks at th9. Goes to TH10. Gets 1 star on first raid. Welcome to TH10 bud :P

  6. dropped the jump too deep PB. 🙂 you can compensate for this laughable AI by just clipping the jump enough right at the AD

  7. Hey PB! can u help me out with what troops should I take for loot on multiplayer since I am a new th9

  8. I'm surprised you didn't give a couple of your wizards up behind the king to see if you could get that last shot off on the ad. Not saying it've worked for certain, just that I would've thrown them at it in desperation to keep the plan going.

  9. Yeah TH10 is nightmare for 3 stars as a th10, better luck next time! I see th11 in your near future.

  10. King gettin no pussy today


  12. 1 giant did attack the ad, and you should have used kings ability as soon as you saw he wasnt going for ad to speed him up and hurry to get that ad out before the cc troops

  13. welcome to the club. th10 is the new th9. enjoy.

  14. Well when I watch it, I can clearly see giants hit AD, not the canon. Also, wouldn't you drop a poison on cc troops as they came out? I'm just a bit lost on this video PB tbh….

  15. Hey PB, wondering if you can do a video about how to most effectively run a clan as leader. Specifically, how do you handle it when people do not attack in war? In my clan, the rule is: co-leaders get demoted to elder and benched 1 war, elders get benched 1 war, and members get booted. It is rare that someone does not attack in my clan. Is this the right method in your opinion? Thanks!

  16. Tough break pb

  17. Damn PB. Good try haha th10 is so hard

  18. Why not just start with a few hogs to lure cc?

  19. they targeted the cannon but attacked the air defense.

  20. Hey PB just a tip, Wbs would of been a cheaper way to get AD
    Also, Going into the core would of definitely needed a freeze because its a very High Dps area which would cause loons to get slaughtered.

  21. haha good try pb!

  22. Hey PB, if you raged the BK early, he might have cleared the AD and the other defenses in that area. Might have given you a chance there ;)

  23. Rip th9

  24. You should send this video to SuperCell. The AI in CoC is terrible.

  25. You should send this video to SuperCell. The AI in CoC is terrible.

  26. Are you staying at a 9.5?

  27. Should have activated the ability when it didn't target the AD in first place

  28. air defense wasn't a threat, the Cannon and the arch tower were.

  29. Hey Powerbang nice try for your first attk. Maybe consider a mass drg attack, its heavy on the elixer I know but its a solid 2 star attk that I've been using every war, every now and then a 3 star comes from it as well, just depends on the base/funneling. Great job and great vids man! Keep them coming!

  30. Aww man! That's so lame! I was yelling "WHAT?!" With you!

  31. Please upload the 3 star bible episodes.

  32. the jump spell was in the middle of becoming active when you dropped your giants. this could have caused some weird rng depending on the order in which the AI recognized the wall pieces becoming nullified. delay the giants a half sec more.

  33. PB, I hope you don't take this the wrong way. But you have the BEST reactions when something goes wrong in your attacks, which makes the fails so entertaining to watch! Don't be too tough on those giants: they did redirect to the AD. Great first effort!!!

  34. You shoulda had that… kinda lame the AI is that horrible. But hey!!!! AT LEAST WE GOT A LOOT CART!

  35. Send this thing into SC. This is absurd! I've noticed AIs acting wonky recently.

  36. I've never considered this, but is it possible that he targeted the AT because it was shooting him? No, when I see the question I know it's wrong. Troops pretty much ignore defenses inflicting damage on them, not agro on them. That's crazy man. The Giants targeting the cannon really tripped me out

  37. It showed the target icon over the cannon like the giants were targeting it, but they ACTUALLY attacked the air defense (you can see the health going down). Seems like a bug… tho at least they targeted the closest defense…

  38. "Tried to overpower it from the backside"

  39. I think they targeted the cannon because when they jumped the wall they were "on top" of the air defense so the cannon was closest.

  40. If u raged bk as soon as the cc lured u woulda been ok and ad would have gone down

  41. As far as I see it you had a solid plan. And if that shitty pathing hadn't caused the king and giants to not go to the next closest object/defense, that would have been 3

  42. mass witch would have been perfect for these kind of open bases.

  43. Good aq walk:) upgrade to 11 nd get warden lol keep that defs low, warden helps a lot:)

  44. The giants and the king have their own plan they are trolling you pb : )

  45. Nice try pb

  46. maybe it has to do with the area of the jump spell. maybe it messes with the AI if it covers a building? idk, but thats the only logical conclusion i could draw from that

  47. Nice try man!