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Is Clash of Clans really closing it servers for good?!

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  1. years*

  2. WTF!!!!! why are they closing it i spended about 3 tears playing it fuck u supercell i cant beleive it……….

  3. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell

  4. They should ban the boom beach not that coc!!!!!!!

  5. This fukin shit ain't real its just some asshole trying to make a quick buck(if u know wat I mean) there would be serious shit that will if happen to mother earth if they really shut down the servers!! Shit is fuckes up man…

  6. I'm th7 max the fuck I love this game??Why supercell why

  7. i think they are ILLUMINATI and i think they just want you and others to chase them to get your souls i dont know then but i think that's the reason why

  8. I mean better be fake

  9. better not be fake

  10. fake febuary 29 is not real

  11. The F… why are they shutting it down why SUPERCELL why many people addicted watching porn . ban porn than COC mean.

  12. that true, coc is closing because of clash royale

  13. They will shut it down because they are not getting money anymore cause' no one is buying gems using credit cards though they only use CashForApps/FreeMyApps..

  14. GOOD NEW,,

    Such rumor circulated via social media over the weekend after some Facebook pages posted a notice coming from an alleged Supercell staff, which reads:

    "We will be closing the servers for Clash of Clans on February 29th, at 11:59 PM.

    Dear Clashers,

    The game Clash of Clans will be shutting down on February 29, 2016.

    On behalf of our development team we would like to thank you for supporting our game for more than 3 years since its launch.

    If you currently have gems in your account, we encourage you to use them to access the game's content before the end date. New payments will not be possible anymore.

    We hope that you have enjoyed your time looting alongside us and hope that you might take the time to enjoy one more attack or one more clan war.

    We also hope to see you in our newst game Clash Royale.

    Thank you for playing our games! Clash of Clans Team."

    It turned out that the post is fake.

    According to a senior member of the CoC forum, it was done by taking a screenshot while using Inspect Element, a developer tool in certain web browsers that shows the underlying code of a website (HTML, CSS and Javascript).

    When asked for confirmation, an administrator of the CoC forum said the information is fake.

  15. 2 year playing this shit,, wtf,,

  16. Really ? what the !!

  17. Wtf! This should be a joke many clashers would go crazy after this….shit

  18. Is this for real?

  19. The fuck!! is that true?

  20. that would b so funny if this was real

  21. What the hell?!

  22. Their making billions, must be a hoax