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IS FARMING DEAD in CLASH of Clans? A scientific approach.

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  1. people don't attack when you got no loot daddy, you got less than 1.5 mil total, your not getting attacked for that, fill your storages and see

  2. Farming isn't "dead". It is a lot tougher. There is significant change that points to them controlling the economy as they see fit (supercell)

  3. Farming isn't "dead". It is a lot tougher. There is significant change that points to them controlling the economy as they see fit (supercell)

  4. I've done around 250+ attacks this season, of those i have found 3 dead bases. Normally around 100 of those attacks would be dead bases. Right now I'm surviving off master 1 and 2 loot bonus and mainly barching th9's. De and gold isn't a problem but elixir is much more scarce. Farming's not dead but barely alive

  5. Farming is dead that I'm just pushing now

  6. i knew they would hide innactive bases lol, fuck suppercell

  7. Breaking bad intro

  8. I find good loot too, just cant get it..farming sukks now..u were getting basically nothing on your raids..

  9. below 1000 trophies is where the loot is the best

  10. Farming is not dead, provided you get online for most of the day and Barch. For those that don't have the time we're screwed. No way of upgrading defenses.

  11. Farming is dead

  12. I have 2 accounts. Lately i've been really inactive on my mini. Yesterday, i logged on and my collectors were full. I haven't been attacked for 1 week! @[email protected] WTF?! Of course we don't find dead bases anymore, they are completely removed from the algorithm!!!

  13. I'm a town hall 9 in Masters and I find 500 k each loot offers up here with 5000 k dark.


  15. Farming is dead, coc is dying also… I don't know anyone who is happy with coc after update!

  16. I'm a th10 I basically use balloonian up in masters 1-3. It's works fine I usually go for 200k raids of each and also get the nice bonus. Best tip I can give is go up in leagues for the bonus.

  17. Daddy do you know of any good way to get the king and queen to go to the center of a base for clean up? After the update all they do is walk around the base to target a wall way off of where I dropped them.

  18. I think 200-300 loot is enough for th 8-9 😀
    But watch my video too and subscribe my channel 🙂

  19. If players don't get attacked for a long time when they don't attack themselves then that means dead bases will almost never get shown. They really need to fix that because when I was th8 and below that is pretty much what I lived off of. Now that I think about it, although it does not effect me that much because I'm de farming at th9, it must really suck to farm for lower town hall levels. It needs to be changed so all the dead bases are that the top of the list.

  20. Tf the intro