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Is SuperCell and the Clash of Clans Team Great?

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  1. He's comparing athletes/sports to a stupid mobile game that's dead? lmfaoooo get a life dude

  2. this channel is dying slowly

  3. "Jake from OneHive, doing my best.. to help Supercell suck less"

  4. Jake I agree with you 100%. I started playing a little over two years ago and I'm basically a max th9 at this point and I just don't feel as though I should continue playing because of the lack of improvements. I'm bored with the game and don't see the fun I once saw. It's annoying that they just sit back and watch us lose interest and make the money.

  5. Supercell got bought out remember?

  6. Jake's all patriotic after the convention :)

  7. I have a feeling Jake had a bit too much to drink and went on rant. "what does it mean to be great" lol. 100% drunk talk.

  8. This game has been going downhill since the th11 update. haven't played since March

  9. Supercell is a company. They aren't doing this for fun or because they all want the best game they can make for us. They are there to make money, just as every other company is.

  10. Hi Jake you are completely correct, I have been waiting for a video like this from you. I have been playing this game for a long time. I love this game and did not stop playing it and wating for more game modes and contents that I could think is possible. I am not an employee of Supercell but I had a lot of time thinking to make this game more better and great and I am not sure why Supercell cant do the same (since it is their job to do it). The only reason I am still on this game is I love my clan and the game and I still have some hope left for Supercell. But lately I started playing other game (pokemon go) and I am really enjoying it. Come to think of it I am just catching monster and have not been on the battle( which has no strategy involve but I just know but I am enjoying it). I started to play this game more than COC and I hope that Supercell will change BEFORE EVERYTHING IS TOO LATE. There are a lot of company that made this mistake I hope Supercell will not be one of them. I have a question Jake, in your prospective do you think next year is too late if they give what we want? 95% of the people I know stopped playing COC, the decline is free fall and I think Supercell don't have much time.

  11. They aren't looking for the next great feature that will take the game to the next level. They're looking for the next great monetization scheme to take their profits to the next level.

  12. Jake, once again u read my mind…BESIDES EFFORT…LISTENING BY COC is something we fair players NEED. Please reach out to Spencer 23$, yesterday he was SO disheartened by, once again, MODDERS (cheaters) I LUV THIS GAME, we FP's hav ALL invested huge $$$… We stuck it out over a year w/cheaters… PLEASE COC, DONT LET THIS HAPPEN AGAIN…LISTEN TO THE U-TUBERS WHO INVESTED MORE THAN $$$!!!! Luv ya????????

  13. Jake, love the vids. But you and i both know that they will not give you everything you want instantly otherwise the game would reach a peak the begin to lose popularity( basic business principal). Also with the European thing please just stop…lets not say silly things.

  14. Pokemon go is the game that will destroy supercell

  15. Hit the nail on the head Jake. #MakeClashGreatAgain

  16. Riggoletto has new sound board material!

  17. What's up Jake? Not long ago you were singing the praises of the team for banning cheats, balancing TH10 etc etc….. Are supercell a great games company (Bethesda for instance), no they're not, their a money making machine. They'll adapt at some point, but only when they see interest in the game slide, until then why spend the cash?

    Ps – it's not a European thing, plenty of great games (vainglory) which don't quite make the GREAT standard.

  18. Love these videos

  19. They also dont seem to have time for many animations these days………

  20. Clash of clans is dead

  21. I always say the reason a clan fails is cuz the leader is lazy.

  22. If i was on the clash of clans team i would communicate a ton with the community and rarely see the light of day. It's so sad how good this game could be.


  24. No, they are not quite Great… to qualify, they would have to show a willingness to not just ADD stuff to their games, but be big enough to admit mistakes and SUBTRACT things too. The KISS principle is totally missing. That's the main failing of Clash (etc?) – they only ever try to fix things, by adding new features, new rules, exceptions, etc. Like extra damage to hogs, skellies not triggering ground traps, healers not triggering air traps, and so on – endless exceptions to general rules, instad ot going back to the drawing board and working out how to streamline it for better enjoyment. The game has gotten way too complex, and only ever gets more complex, and the complexity I'm talking about isn't enjoyable.
    And yet after all these complex additions and changes, TH11 is about the most broken it's ever been, totally boring. For months now, even if you didn't gem your bowlers. So much complexity, and yet almost everyone at TH11 (and may at TH10 now) is using the same kind of attack and getting the best results. To be Great, SC need to embrace change in all its forms, and show a genuine willingness to roll back some of the stupid complexity, and streamline and re-balance it so that it's actually good fun and where genuine skills can make a real difference (bowler spam takes a bit of skill, but not much – it's made me lazy for sure and I can't remember when I last lost a raid in Legends whereas 3-stars vs maxed bases can and do happen more often than my lazy strategies deserve).

  25. Will be interesting to see if Pokemon Go's popularity causes Supercell to take a revenue hit, by taking from their user pool and whether that sparks them into action. Market competition can only be good for the players

  26. They may b cool, but sure as hell not great

  27. this video gives me anxiety because, jake is saying exactly what i wish SC would do.

  28. How to fix coc: nerf bowlers and miners they're brainless triples on 10/11's taking all strategy away, and bowlers implemented to any th9 attack making it op especially hghb. And fix modding, for good. Its still there

  29. And clash of clans sucks now honestly. Bowlers miners and trash ruined the game.

  30. LBJ better tho Jake. Trust me. Triple double player! Can't beat that man.

  31. I always saw myself as a 'extremely loyal' clashplayer and i deleted the game today. I played it from week 2 and honestly, it hurts.

    I'm still watching your vids, just to honor the yt'er that made my game fun for 1 extra year.
    I personally wanna thank you for all the years of great content, but i'm losing interest.

    Keep the great work on jake, i really love every thing you do and i love the way you are positive but still honest about how you feel.

  32. Its not just supercell. The players themselves dont even expect much more from supercell, alot of people casually just get on do their war attacks, maybe a couple farm raids and get off.