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Is TH9 Dead? Pre-update Thoughts | Clash of Clans

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  1. th9 is the new th8. its not a bad thing. th9s in their day were fierce, bring it to th10 its the best community to do it. th11 means a shuffle´╗┐

  2. th10 is the new th9.´╗┐

  3. Supercell wants everyone pushing trophys, screw the war community and the personal breaks cater to's just mind boggling how they could kill the best th lvl they had´╗┐

  4. My question is, who even asked for these changes? Why try to fix what was never broken at th9? Makes no sense to me.´╗┐

  5. Which troop composition would you recommend to use to farm walls to lvl 10 and heroes (currently have my heroes at lvl 17 both) and where? (Post update) Thanks!´╗┐

  6. So far I think th9 is too easy to 3 star. The zap-quake is OP. I hope Supercell will make a few adjustments so it will be balanced once again (adding a 5th giant bomb to make hog rider attacks more challenging?).
    I haven't seen any th10 attacks but I th11 seems to be unbalanced too. I have already seen a lot 3 star attacks on maxed or almost maxed TH11 bases.´╗┐

  7. Sry bud, they've ruined it´╗┐

  8. update comes today ……., yesterday i did 2 gowipes [TH8] 96% and 99% and 30 secs wud have got me three stars´╗┐

  9. "They made the game – They understand the game – they understand the war community"

    Supercell doesn't own the game anymore, really –┬ásupercell is 70% owned┬áby Softbank – so Their main concern right now is keeping the money flowing in.┬á And the really big spenders are the trophy pushers.┬á That's what this entire update was about.┬á Max TH10s at high trophies, making the game more fun for them.If they do understand the war community, they don't give a crap about it.┬áThey care about the dollars flowing in.┬á They care about people gemming max TH11 the day of release.┬á They care that the top guys will keep gemming to stay on top of the leaderboard. They care that guys like Galadon will "be here on day 1 gemming my base to the max BECAUSE I CARE ABOUT MY VIEWERS"

    TH9 was nearly perfectly balanced despite their introduction of dark spells – they upset that on purpose.┬á What other reason to allow an extra dark spell at TH9?┬á They could have made the TH10 clan castle the minimum for spell donations.┬á But they want the game to be easier for semi-casual players.┬á

    People have been begging for them to balance TH10 for war. But there was no way to do that and keep it balanced for trophy pushing. If you make a 3 star possible, a 2 star is virtually unable to achieve for trophy pushers.  So they make TH10 3 stars only attainable by bad bases or modders.

    The fact that they care more about money than "the game" is obvious.  Just look at heroes upgrading for war.  If they would take a small hit to their bottom line, they could immediately and forever win the goodwill of the war community.  Let us use upgrading heroes during war.  Period. That would instantly convert every disgruntled war guy to the "supercell is awesome and they love us".  

    Even┬áif they offered a way to buy it cheaply – offer a way to "rent" your heroes for war while upgrading. Say, 10 gems per attack per hero for a hero at 50% strength (50% hp/damage), 15 for 75%, 20 gems for a 100% strength attack.┬á I'd do that in a heartbeat.┬á Three wars a week, two attacks a war, that'll net them 120 gems they wouldn't otherwise get, because I'll be damned if I spend┬á1k gems for a single hero┬álevel.┬á

    But they won't.. so I will just keep my heroes at a relatively decent 20/20 and keep warring because war is the only reason I keep playing. I won't buy gems.. I don't need lava walls, so there is no need to raid anymore.  And soon TH9 will be all zap quake laloon or octo-quake GoVaPe and I'll get bored and move on.

    It's actually pretty sad.´╗┐

  10. they are killing all x.5. or is just me?´╗┐

  11. Hello Matty, great video as always. How would someone get in contact with you to set something up? I think you will like this one :)´╗┐

  12. Whats the Difference between Shattered GoLaLonn and StonedGoLaLoon ? :D´╗┐

  13. Nice video Matty! I never wanted to move on to TH10, coz TH10 is very expensive stuff and requires a lot of time to make the upgrades. Damn, looks like I am gonna quit if TH9 becomes the new TH8 and it seems to me so.
    Btw nice hit on Jake's base! loved it breh!´╗┐

  14. If they fuck up the balance of th10 then FairPlay players will have nowhere to go. If that happens in 6 months time not a single war clan will pretend to be FairPlay´╗┐

  15. I think it does really force you to go to th10. I'm going to try to stay at th9 but with all the toys and upgrades at th11 it limits..or feels like it will limit th9s´╗┐

  16. depending, of course and obviously, on your idea of "balance", as in is

    -"balance" its extremely hard to 3 star something but you can do it once in awhile
    -"balance" I can 3 star most of the time and on a base below mine or not extremely well laid out just easily enough

    TH9 was only balanced if your definition was the latter for players with mega heroes. 15/15 or mayyyybeeee 20/20 is balanced, but frankly I think 15/15. By, of course, my definition where 3 starring is possible but still a pretty special event.´╗┐

  17. war is going to be less fun because of the extra 30 sec th9 gets freeze spell just seems crazy´╗┐

  18. unbalanced townhalls = birth of modding community.
    th9 is too easy now so what do we do? 2 stars at th10 or just mod for 3 stars at th10?´╗┐

  19. I am worried about it because th8 was too easy for me and I just got to th9 recently and I am finally getting to that good challenging balance point but also my heroes and base are not high enough level to go to th10 if the update makes th9 too easy and boring. So I will be stuck at th9 until I can get my heroes and base up to move on to th10 if that is where the new sweet spot is´╗┐

  20. Nice vid Matty! Great stuff. I totally agree with you. Hello from everyone at Noble Nines ??Ôś║´ŞĆ´╗┐