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IS THIS POSSIBLE!?! NEW UPDATE!! 160$ GEM SPREE TOWN HALL 11 PACK!! (18 million in clash of clans)

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  1. Godson will you please sub to my Chanel. It is GTA BOSS

  2. Hi godson :)

  3. dat intro though XD :()

  4. who else here getting annoyed of this crappy shit youtube ads

  5. wait what is that the intro?

  6. I only have a bomb tower

  7. lol that intro tho

  8. please stop godson, please stop with your intro videos, there are so corn-e

  9. What and educational video

  10. Someone has been having fun with SFC stuff.

  11. Lol what was that beginning. Still love the video

  12. What the crap godson, that was i wierd intro

  13. Why is level 9 mortar in the thumbail instead of the level 10 mortar?

  14. I hated it when you needed the builders to upgrade the walls

  15. Your intros are getting better by the second!!! This is so funny!!!!!!

  16. dat intro do

  17. It's not call poison spell it's call skeleton spell


  19. the intro ??? best one i have seen yet

  20. that tf2 intro tho

  21. Creepy

  22. what the f*ck

  23. I AM MAXth10

  24. wtf did I just watched in the beginning

  25. make more entros like this

  26. no meu celular não ta carregando pq?? Responde aqui pfv

  27. I didn't know this was a tf2 channel

  28. hi

  29. see his clan

  30. Garys Mod

  31. It's possible look before you buy it it says info it's says no storage limit he didn't know that he ha ha ha ???

  32. godson u play tf2 ?

  33. The skeleton spell

  34. When you play TF2……… IM A BARBIE GIRL

  35. he is hacker i write his clan name but no come

  36. god son can u say hi to me it would make my day

  37. isn't the beginning copy right?

  38. WTF IS THIS 0:00 TO 1:20

  39. what the fuck the begginning

  40. best intro ever

  41. Fuck ! Best into ive ever seen

  42. The highest amount of loot

  43. update is good. love the video. proves one thing… upgrades are too expensive.


  45. Idiot kept saying poison.

  46. hi

  47. Can you mention me all my friends make fun of me because of it ANDAND plz