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IS THIS POSSIBLE!?! NEW UPDATE!! 160$ GEM SPREE TOWN HALL 11 PACK!! (18 million in clash of clans)

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  1. Godson will you please sub to my Chanel. It is GTA BOSS´╗┐

  2. Hi godson :)´╗┐

  3. dat intro though XD :()´╗┐

  4. who else here getting annoyed of this crappy shit youtube ads´╗┐

  5. wait what is that the intro?´╗┐

  6. I only have a bomb tower´╗┐

  7. lol that intro tho´╗┐

  8. please stop godson, please stop with your intro videos, there are so corn-e´╗┐

  9. What and educational video´╗┐

  10. Someone has been having fun with SFC stuff.´╗┐

  11. Lol what was that beginning. Still love the video´╗┐

  12. What the crap godson, that was i wierd intro´╗┐

  13. Why is level 9 mortar in the thumbail instead of the level 10 mortar?´╗┐

  14. I hated it when you needed the builders to upgrade the walls´╗┐

  15. Your intros are getting better by the second!!! This is so funny!!!!!!´╗┐

  16. dat intro do´╗┐

  17. It's not call poison spell it's call skeleton spell´╗┐


  19. the intro ??? best one i have seen yet´╗┐

  20. that tf2 intro tho´╗┐

  21. Creepy´╗┐

  22. what the f*ck´╗┐

  23. I AM MAXth10´╗┐

  24. wtf did I just watched in the beginning´╗┐

  25. make more entros like this´╗┐

  26. no meu celular n├úo ta carregando pq?? Responde aqui pfv´╗┐

  27. I didn't know this was a tf2 channel´╗┐

  28. hi´╗┐

  29. see his clan´╗┐

  30. Garys Mod´╗┐

  31. It's possible look before you buy it it says info it's says no storage limit he didn't know that he ha ha ha ???´╗┐

  32. godson u play tf2 ?´╗┐

  33. The skeleton spell´╗┐

  34. When you play TF2……… IM A BARBIE GIRL´╗┐

  35. he is hacker i write his clan name but no come´╗┐

  36. god son can u say hi to me it would make my day´╗┐

  37. isn't the beginning copy right?´╗┐

  38. WTF IS THIS 0:00 TO 1:20´╗┐

  39. what the fuck the begginning´╗┐

  40. best intro ever´╗┐

  41. Fuck ! Best into ive ever seen´╗┐

  42. The highest amount of loot´╗┐

  43. update is good. love the video. proves one thing… upgrades are too expensive.´╗┐


  45. Idiot kept saying poison.´╗┐

  46. hi´╗┐

  47. Can you mention me all my friends make fun of me because of it ANDAND plz´╗┐