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Journey to Max TownHall 11 #4, SO MANY Upgrades!!! – Clash of Clans

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  1. My coc name is LeX

  2. u just rejected my req to join Sg gladiators Brandon.

  3. Really enjoyed the video Brandon, keep this up please ?

  4. come check my youtube out

  5. Thank you Brandon :)

  6. "459 thousand DAAAKKK ELIXIR." Well then. lmao


  8. Pretty sure u gem ur resources a bit, not tht it matters, just saying lol

  9. Nice Brandon ??

  10. Nice video as ever brandon

  11. jade star is the highest level in legend with level 325 ?

  12. Brandon 3 star "master"

  13. Replace lighting spell to heal spell, use it after inferno towers go down, it will help you alot!

  14. Hi Brandon, will you ever have those fancy animated intros?

  15. 12:55 "5.5 million Dark Elixir"

  16. Hi brandon i was just wondering when you are gonna stop leveling up and i also wanted to say you are the legend of clash of clans since you help other pepole and dont work for supercell goodluck ;)

  17. subscribe to my channel

  18. holy shit u attacked me 9:15 that's my account wtf brandon haha I'm your subscriber but I still loving you vids haha

  19. Like long videos

  20. 161 likes, 0 dislikes! Yay!!

  21. 23 minute video am I dreaming? Thanks Brandon! Now I can get popcorn hehe

  22. Hey Brandon- nice video again! I absolutely enjoy watching you! I've been a sub since a long time now… Back then you've just got 2 or 3k Subs! It's amazing to see you're channel grow- keep doing and stay as you are! ~meow

  23. Awesome man! Love the longer vids!

  24. 13:00 5.5 milion dark elixer ?

  25. You r crap nobody CARES ABOUT YOU

  26. Hi Brandon why do you stockpile resources?, when I get enough resource to upgrade a building I do it straight away.So why do you save it?

  27. were are you gems??u had 100 thousand +

  28. 6th minute of post

  29. When is your next 24h stream? last one was amazing brandon :)

  30. Nice

  31. Do you think clash of clans is gonna come out with townhall 12, 13 etc?

  32. First comment!

  33. first nice vid

  34. Wow