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Just Visiting: Playin wit COC (inc TH10 3 Stars)

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  1. Hey Dart. Not sure what your standards are for your "just visiting" series, but wanted to mention our clan for your consideration, as I think we're a bit of a unique bunch who are growing constantly. We're "Grumpy Old Men", basically an all adult clan with not much drama and 100% fair play. In fact, your clan mate sweidman visited earlier this year, and we have continued to grow tremendously since then. Lots of good fundamentals, starting more 3 star attempts on TH10s, etc. I think we're on a 30-2 streak. After I joined, I started a youtube channel for us (just click my name). Would ask you to consider us… a bunch of us mention you in clan chat all the time and love your content. Cheers!

  2. Dart, what your apps to draw your plans?

  3. Awesome video DaRT, always giving me ideas for my next attack :)

  4. dart can you join me into your clan?

  5. nice video

  6. What's the DWA and AL members?sorry if is a stupid question.

  7. No audio suddenly? O.o

  8. great videos man. have watched them all your a true legend of the loon attacks! inspiring yet ive been trying hard and still not constantly 3starring. the enemy queen always fails me. anyway, enjoying the new videos

  9. Your videos are so good!

  10. Another top quality video. Love seeing replays from fair play clans particularly when it's such a great matchup like this one here. Some really good attacks, an inspiration to all fair play clans

  11. Swag grandpa!

  12. dart remember me?my ign is the boss we were talking bout defenseless

  13. Cool video man! Keep em coming!

  14. Great video once again. I love watching your videos! And a merry christmas to you Dart. Keep up the good work :-)

  15. Hey Dart, i hope you join pwc with your main acc, cause i like to see you in a fairplay clan and not in a well known modding clan ?Merry Chrismas

  16. HI dart, maybe u can go to 'Leidsch tuig' with the visiting series, they r a Lvl 9 clan with a huge winstreak. Great video though :)

  17. Dart, did you leave HL?

  18. Great vid dart! Gave us in DWA some good publicity ?

  19. great video dart! merry christmas and have a great 2016!

  20. Damn Dart you always find me. Its like you knew I was in this family! Come on over to Donate 2.0 or Zero Heroes and say hi! Will be nice to talk. -Daisydog