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Just Visiting: Vegan Waaaaar! (with TH10 3 Stars!)

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  1. Dart, what happened to clan Hebrew Legends? There seems to only be a skeleton crew keeping it barely alive. ?

  2. Hey Dart, im a big fan of your penta attacks, and i was wondering if there is a way you can help me with advices on my enemies till i get the hang of this stuff, i don't seem to get it man, that's if you are willing and if there's a way, right now i am at war and my clan expects me to 3 star a base but time is running and i believe i'm gonna end up failing, anyway, hope to hear from you and i'd defenately love to get the help i need, my clan's name is WAR RENEGADES, (black flag) and my username is Levi. well, thnx in advance for either desicion.

  3. Dart come visit us. Kickass lvl7 clan. Won 106. Lost 10

  4. "go back to gardening…." I laughed aloud.

  5. What happened to HL?

  6. hey man we got few good raids in our clan Peaceful Pekkas lvl9 hope when eve ur free….

  7. Hey Dart, big fan of you. My clan is called The Swarm. Fairplay clan, 110-11 is our record. Only thing is I'm actively in our new feeder called Swarm Synergy. It would be cool if you stopped by to say hi! But anyway nice work on the videos, your one of the quality Clash channels I can rely on.

  8. hey big ups dude, im jaserog seen u a couple times in global, thanks for all the tips n tricks. Ps: The Big Lebowski is a great movie, specially for stoners ;)

  9. More Clash tricks…?

  10. Good job Dart! I'm the leader of Easyrider #2LQVOG28. We have only 2 red lines in the warlog. From time to time we work out a perfect CW. By the next perfect CW we would love to welcome you! 

  11. Hey Dart we'd love for you to visit us at Anonymizers! 155 wins and 2 wars until lvl 9, all using three star strats and advice from this channel. 3 losses in the log, about to be pushed to 2 ?

  12. hey dart what happen to HL? why did eeryone leave?

  13. thank you very much dart for your videos. very much inspiring. thank you for the idea of attacking with three golems and hogs. i will try this very soon. makes sense. all the best

  14. Great video as always dart, definitely another i will be sharing with clan mates. Clan tag for us is #9UUCGVVC name is Swag… or can shoot me a message on line at chump4040 if ya wanna visit. We are strong but our th10/11 could really use some tips since they are more able to 3* now.

  15. Hey dart could u stop by Boise State we aren't the best clan but I think we have pontential for 3 starring bases. Clan tag is #828GUJG. I have several accnt but they all have Thore in them. Plz make sure u say Thore sent u lol we reject a lot of poeple. Thanks a ton for the vids really helped me to transition to th 9 and start 3 starring

  16. Hey Dart, Love the videos man. You are one of those rare guys who can teach and explain in war recaps, and not just show replays. Long time sub here. Keep up the great work. Also, I would like to invite you stop by our clan if you have a minute. Lots of amazing attacks to see as well as 3 th10 3 stars from our latest war. Clan name is iKonik (#9L9G9L90)

  17. Bro, this is the one love u the most, haha, come my new clan and see some th11 three star… Haha,,, i learned it from u even if u did not teach me th11 3 stars,,

  18. "Yeah… Well.. Ya know… That's just like… Uh… your opinion, man." One of my favorite movies, too. 😉

  19. Hope all has been well Dart. You're always welcome to swing by Absolute Zero (#YPCQY8RG). We have a perfect war log, 63 wins. Would love to house you. Solid content as always; take care.

  20. Quick question off topic of the video. What set up would you attack with if I can light/quake 2 ad's and kill squad the other 2 and queen.?

  21. Hey man come check out Reddit Omicron! You just checked out PwC, we are warring their sister with some PwC guys helping out would love to have you come by and watch some raids from the arranged war! Keep up the great content loving the more frequent uploads recently

  22. I've learned a lot from your videos when it comes to analyzing a base and finding to weak points. Keep it up bro. Your a beast!

  23. Would love for you to stop by and war with us. We are a small clan with a lot of potential.

    Clan Name: Magna Spe

    I'm leader. Kaioken

  24. Should I unsub? The content is great and all, but I don't think it's worth being subbed to some vegan fag. Hm..

  25. Hey DaRT, can you visit my Clan?? He called: German Fighters (#PYP9GYJG). We aren't as good as Vegan War for example but we are lvl 7, very active and very nice! And we have a Homepage, too:

  26. Hi Dart. Big fans here in Kornfeld (#9VU9YJGQ) a German fair play war clan Lvl 8. We welcome you to our clan any time. Lots of interesting scrims coming up every weekend now. No gowiping here haha. Cheers :)

  27. You could come over to "Bumwar!" (#8YPYCYL8), 219 wins. Love the vids, keep up the work Dart! :)

  28. #8LJLJOQY i am in reddit mist and we are a part of the reddit cw system and we would reall appreciate u coming and helping us touch up on a few 3* attacks it would mean a lot thanks!

  29. hey dart.. my clans tag is #PRJ8VQQ8.. really hoping u cud drop by.. my acct is [email protected] thanks.. great vids as usual.

  30. Great vid! Ty

  31. we war 3 times a week.. thanks for the videos !!!

  32. Hi dart! I am a really big fan of your vids they are the only reason I still play and love warring in clash! Our clan would love for your to come and visit and give us a few hints and tricks it would really make a huge difference to our success rate in wars. Our clan is called Wickedness – level 5. #8QY822YR.

  33. Our clan would love to stop in , name of clan is inferno revival. we

  34. Hey Dart, im from Blood Snow War, 4 losses in war log. We r a really good clan, lookig forward to a visit from u

  35. Nice video Dart! Our clan name is Lord's Brew, we're a level 5 clan and we only have about 5 or 6 losses in our log – It'd be awesome if you'd be able to check us out!

  36. My clan is Casterly Rock #R8C2GQ 271 War wins :>

  37. great vid! "kingsyard :)" is the clan im currently in, we are a lvl 7 clan with only 4 or 5 losses showing on the war log. would be appreciated if you stopped by sometime!

  38. Visit jtj #2R9RCV9V ?

  39. Great video DaRT, really nice to see so much content lately. What attacks are you planning on working on next on your Defenseless?

  40. nice video man

  41. 1st