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Killing Defensive Clan Castle Troops in the Current State of Clash of Clans

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  1. This exactly why I subscribed to your Chanel Jake. Keep it up!!!!

  2. I know you may not have had video to back it up, but I think that 3 or 4 other methods are important to address.

    1. Healer+2 archer vs hound-baiting the hound in the cc, then dropping 2 archers and a healer out of range of any defenses will pull the hound over, and it will not die and it will not kill the archers. 21 troop space (considering you used a hog to pull the cc) and you have a null cc.
    2. Air troops vs ground targeting troops- valks, bowlers, loons, hounds, pekkas, and golems can all be taken out by a group of minions very quickly, and you can even let the minions make part of the funnel for you kill squad or queen walk after they're done with the cc troops.
    3. Valks vs mass troops-since the rework, their first attack goes off faster than any other troop's. Bait the cc and if its witches, wizards, archers, goblins, or any other small unit, one poison and a valk will kill it all.
    4. Witch+queen vs all-these used to be pretty popular, bait cc, drop a witch to distract and then throw your queen out behind her once cc troops start to engage. You may lose a witch, but sometimes you don't and most of the time the queen doesn't take damage or need to pop her ability.

  3. Great to c some instructional vids again jake. Ty.

  4. Jake, glad to see some instructional content on the channel again. Was just saying how I missed it.


  6. you forgot another way with the witches, 2-2-3 in your cc used to be very common, I use it for lures in goo at th 9

  7. What about the other method that you see a lot in TH 9 attacks? You just walk in your KS (with your queen) and drop a double/single poison on them and let your KS eliminate it on the fly

  8. I think the only effective stuff to use in cw defensive CCs is golem (golem split does a lot of dmg to valks) and pekka (forces queen ability if qw). Oh and many small troops (35 arch etc) work well against a fresh hit most of the time. Hound and drag if you wanna be boring

  9. jake this is nice video

  10. as a th9 with low level aq u cant ignore the cc with a qw

  11. You know you think about Clash too much when you have a dream that Jake visited your clan. xD

  12. finally needed this vid

  13. I can't think of a reason to put a lava hound in a TH9 defensive CC.

  14. hello 😉 still watching ur vids if u remember me, here from 4k

  15. Why is my entire sidebar filled with minecraft

  16. The notorius Conor mcgregor

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