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LATEST UPDATE!! (JAN 2016) – Dungeon Boss

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  1. Ignus: From shit to OK.

  2. I was super happy about this update i love some of the characters that got buffed… Then i saw igorok buff… Goddamit big fish if your gonna buff it at least let mi find it in the summons…. Was that buff really needed? Was he not strong enought?

  3. As a father, the best part of your video was when your kid interrupted your recording. The BEST!!

  4. OMG finally a video. been waiting too long…!! plz make daily video!!

  5. Is that your daughter?

  6. That little girl sounded so adorable!??

  7. minute 5:55 it's very funny ahah

  8. Igorok got a great buff ive used it and its awesome

  9. Is it worth to ascend Emily? Or is she usefull in any Team?
    BTW great vid!

  10. 11

  11. nub nub and zomm did not need those health buffs, and with this update numnum becomes a bit Tanky, overall really good update. now they just need to rework Zurk.

  12. So glad Igoroka last ability is taunt

  13. 7th

  14. Great idea to buff IGOROK even more! :D

  15. hi

  16. Better update Because igorok And samurai Takumi got nice upgrades

  17. 2nd your awesome at this game

  18. your da best

  19. first