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League of War: Mercenaries – ONSLAUGHT!

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  1. Dude play games u like, not games u get paid for playing thx.

  2. Lol idk why but I like the color of ur hair

  3. I love how you uploaded 2 vids at the same time and the royale one had got 11 times the views

  4. I like how he doesn't care about how his videos on these don't get lots of views, that's when you know he is experimenting

  5. first chief

  6. ok

  7. we are wating for vingorly man please if u read my comment say something
    i want from u to accept our friend reqs man

  8. clash royale

  9. join Panther Crew we are a new clan looking for active players please join us

  10. I don't even play this game…

  11. Say "Leage" and thought is was a lol video :(

  12. chief pat if you'r ready this play tanki x its a new version and better version of tankionline which is a popular game tankix is also made by the same company as it is new its gaining around 100k people 1 week but i think it deserves more can u pls play it? its my fav game!!

  13. chief pat idk if u are reading this but if your are pls play tanki x i love that game!! it would be a good new series you'r awsome!! <3

  14. 39

  15. 2 millon subs and 56 likes in 20 minutes? WTF.

  16. We Want Vainglory Please ?

  17. Chief Pat, bring back what you started this channel about, Clash Of Clans please……. I'm a th8 and I started watching all your vids about it. They really helped me and you provide really good information, thanks.

  18. 27th

  19. So early

  20. we want update of clash of clans

  21. we want update of clash of clans pleas

  22. Nineth like

  23. not first, im on time

  24. ma sei pazzo are hot italian?

  25. First


  27. First

  28. Forst

  29. FIRST

  30. 11th

  31. gg

  32. i love you

  33. 1st, no one gives a shit, but still, first!

  34. First