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Learning Super Queen E04 | Crazy Looting | Clash of Clans

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  1. Hey! what is the minimum level of the Queen which can be used for super queen according to you??

  2. It's not just masters matty, here in gold 3 the loot is crazy, I'm finding 700k plus combined loot in just 5min of searching!

  3. Matty ur defense kinda sucks. I had to pause it but ur defense log says it all

  4. ive used this since my queen at lvl 15, now i am max heroes.. and used it to trophy push, now i am on champ, and yes its pretty good on de farm and trophy push

  5. How essential are the rages? Is 1 enough or 2 and maybe a jump.

  6. Why do you only use 6 healers? Will the 7th not work?

  7. Hey Matty, I'm a TH9 with lv 30 queen and have been doing this in champion 3. The bonus is nice but the loot looks better on your vidoes and less developed villages! Lol. Have you tried a variety of leagues and found masters to have better targets to farm? I think I might have drifted too high.

  8. Math how to do work your baraks with the archers and healers?

  9. Matt, what are ur thoughts on the upcoming update ?