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Legends Crushing My Base with GoVaWiWi – Clash of Clans

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  1. Hey Brandon, i've never seen you farm with goblins. Ive been trying them out at th10.. theyre not half bad. Any thoughts, or will you post a video on that?

  2. Nice vid

  3. How is this govawiwi when there's golems calls and wizards? I really wish you would take more time and thought before each video. Like you really don't even know what you're commentating in your own video before the clip ends…

  4. or which Level you wann to achive

  5. whats lvl you are brandon

  6. They're gonna get nerfed :(

  7. I like it how you say they are overpowered then straight after you say "the valks are Practically useless, the Heroes did all the the work to get the 2 star" ? I see what you did there

  8. Wheres da GoVaWiWi?

  9. I'm not seeing the govawiwi… smh

  10. Hope they nerf them finally!

  11. When will they nerf the valks?

  12. Make videos on Brandon 3 plz.

  13. Brandon hopefully I find you up here! I'm at 5100+ cups! U.S.A Fam!

  14. 1st?

  15. 1st?

  16. 5th. HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  17. Finally. First!

  18. Second

  19. IM 1!!!!