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Let Me Help With Your Attacks, Base Building, Scouts And More – New Announcement!!!

New stuff are coming guys, check here: I will create clash of clans tutorials (video and written) that will help each one of you to 3 …


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  1. Love your Work Gadihh
    Keep it up mate

  2. I am a student unfortunately ,Will do initial payment as my support , good luck :)

  3. Your channel was recommended from other channels.. now As just I have subscribed I am feeling good to be a part of your team.
    Hope you make new 3 star attack strategies for th9 POST update.
    May be one with no heroes. can help a lot and many. thanks :)

  4. gadi hh @ I want to go back to wnc but they are continuously kicking me out n rejecting my q
    request please look in this matter please gadi listen to me…..

  5. basically that's life ?

  6. I'll download it, Thanks! -neonpla

  7. Learn so much from You and want to spend something but I am a kid with no Paypal or something Else :(

  8. That was a year ago and came accidentally to your channel, and i have no regrets, ive learned that there is more to war in coc. .You introduce me to the world of elites XD. i hunger for so much on 3s replays that i did suscribe to other elite war channels, but don't be jealous You are my first elite war tutorial channel and constantly viewing your vids. tnx, keep doing war videos.

  9. I support you. Good videos, good man ;)

  10. +1 Potato gf reveal on 50k subscribers :P

  11. patreon is also available in an application guys :)

  12. your website and YouTube channel has helped me very much. keep up the great work, it is truly appreciated!

  13. Fyi you can choose PayPal as an option for payment. I missed it, so look carefully. Thanks Gadihh for all you do!

  14. girlfriend reveal on 50k

  15. Np Gadi, i became a lot better in clash since i subbed and learned a lot of different stredegies from you. Continue what you are doing, u will not regret it.

  16. Nice! thk for help us. like

  17. nice videos, thanks for your posts which helped me on COC.